PRESLEY, Dunnin July 1, 1827
Monroe Co., TN
Mar. 10, 1900
Barry Co., MO
Research Note: Phyllis' Note: Although there are no dates on this tombstone, Phyllis Long is convinced that this is the great grandfather of Elvis. She said she knew he was buried in Barry Co. from newspaper items published at the time of his death. His full name was Jesse Elvetus Dunnan Presley, Jr. and he was the Great Grandfather of Elvis Aaron Presley. - Mexican Veterans - The following embraces the names of Mexican War Veterans or their widows residing in Barry County at the close of 1887: Presley, D. of O’Day. - Dunning Presley Jr. was born on July 1, 1827 in Monroe County, Tennessee. On November 1, 1847 at the age of 20 he enlisted at Knoxville as a private in Captain Jno. C. Vaughn's Company C of the 5th Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers. His regiment served in the War with Mexico, and between February and April of 1848 he was in San Juan, Mexico, and in May 1848 he was at National Bridge, Mexico. By July 2, 1848 he was on board ship returning to the United States where he was discharged at Memphis on July 20th. On November 7th he was issued a warrant for 160 acres of land based on his army service. It was sent to him in care of Rufus Smith in Madisonville, Tennessee. Dunning returned home to his wife and eldest daughter whom he had left in Tennessee. He had married Elizabeth probably about 1845 in North Carolina or Tennessee and to this union were finally born five children: Elvira E. in 1846, Elizabeth in 1848, Joshua in 1851, Dunning in 1852, and Nancy Jane in 1854. Elizabeth died about 1860, and soon thereafter, leaving his children probably with relatives, Dunning found himself in northeastern Mississippi. On August 15, 1861 he married a second time in Itawamba County, Mississippi, to Martha Jane Wesson. As in his first marriage, he soon went off to war again. On May 11, 1863 he enlisted at Grenada, Mississippi, in Company E, Hamm's Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry. Perhaps, like many other Civil War soldiers, he was concerned about his family back home and temporarily deserted in order to investigate their circumstances, because from January 18 to June 30, 1864 he was listed as deserted and absent without leave. He returned to his unit for the final roll call. After the war, Dunning left Martha Jane and returned to his first family in Tennessee. Martha Jane had taken up and married Steele, and in 1868 she died in childbirth with their first born. Dunning eventually found himself in Missouri where he met and married his 3rd wife, Harriet Henrietta Toy on March 18, 1882 in Benton County, Arkansas. Harriet was born October 11, 1862 in Lawrence County, Missouri, and died May 16, 1937. Goodspeed's History
Elvis &
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Phyllis Long
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