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  • If your ancestors are from Barry County Missouri, feel free to request that our volunteers check for your ancestors in their reference material.

  • Please remember they are doing this in their spare time to help you with your research.  

  • As soon as their time allows they will do their best to look up your question and forward the response to you.

  • Thank you for not abusing this valuable resource.

  • Please be advised that in responding to your request, volunteers have been directed to comply with U. S. copyright laws.
  • Unless given permission for more by the volunteer. Please limit your request to one surname name per request.  A lot of these reference materials are not indexed and take a lot of time to search.
  • Please put Barry COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to insure the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted.
  • In the first line of the message, please put the name of the book you are requesting the lookup from and any other material.
  • Keep your requests simple and only include enough information for the volunteer to find your ancestor, if they need to, the volunteers will request more information from you.
  • If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time and effort.
  • A little kindness always comes back double!



Shaking the Family Tree

Publications by the Barry County Genealogical & Historical Society


Index for Goodspeed

Goodspeed and other items are for sale from the Barry County Genealogical & Historical Society  

Goodspeed's History of Barry County Missouri, Pub. 1888  -
Lookups by:  Bill Landers


 Barry County Histories, Atlases & Books 

The History of Barry County, Missouri, by Nerva (Brock) England - Diana Cope

The First One Hundred and Fifty Years in Cassville, by Emory Melton - Diana Cope
Butterfield Community, Then and Now, Memories of Butterfield, Barry Co, Missouri, by Ted Roller & Others  -
Diana Cope

The First One Hundred and Fifty Years in Cassville, by Emory Melton - Anne Lozano

Hanged by the Neck until Dead, by Emory Melton  - Anne Lozano

A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region, (Goodspeed's 1894) - Need a Volunteer

First Arkansas Union Cavalry, by Desmond Walls Allen - Leslie Ashman

Kentuckians in Missouri, by Stuart Seely Sprague - Marilyn McGuire

 Barry County Cemetery Books


Barry County Missouri Cemeteries, Volume 1 -1V  Diana Guthrie

Kent-Clark Monument Sales, Springfield, Missouri 1931-1939 - Volunteer Needed   

General index to the funeral home records of Horine - Culver - Cassville - Belka - McQueen - Wheaton - Peoples Funeral Home & Granby Funeral Homes From Barry & Newton Counties of Missouri.  Ted's Online Index


Barry County Vital Statistics

Births, Deaths & Marriages

 Deed Books, Minute Books & Tax Lists


Birth Records US/Europe  Covers 900 - 1880 - Charlotte Kaufman

Missouri Marriages Early to 1825 - Jackie McKey Campbell 

Missouri Marriage Index: Covers 1766 - 1981 - Charlotte Kaufman


 Barry County Census Records

Barry County Federal Census 1920 & 1930
Patty McWilliams will do look-ups for one FAMILY per request for 1920 and 1930.

Required information:
Head of Household, approximate age and place of birth (if known)
Wife's name, approximate age and place of birth
Children's names and any other pertinent information that can help identify the family.
Look-ups done as time permits and in the order received.

Email - Patty

  Mortality Index: United States  Covers 1850 - 1880 - Charlotte Kaufman

1890 Special Federal Census - Union Soldiers and Their Widows Book II - Ted Roller

Census Look Up - From Heritage Quest - Joy

Census Look Up - Kathy Baker


Barry County Family Histories

Ruel W. Williams/Nathan T. Thomas and their descendants in the USA 1669-1991

Check online index before making lookup request! - Charles H. Williams, Ph.D.

Chain-of-Descent Listings of Selected Early Families in Barry and Lawrence Counties

Check online index making lookup request!  - Charles H. Williams, Ph.D.

  Elisa Wallen, the Longhunter, by Carolyn D. Wallin 

[Includes various spellings of the surname Wallen, Wallin, Walling, and Walden] -  Linda Garrett

  Elgin Families compiled by James G. Elgin

    [Elgin being the main "branch" with numerous "twigs"]  Linda Garrett  


Reference Material  - Including Newspapers


Barry County Newspapers 1890-1921. 

See the Haddock Family Web Page -  Barry County Section   

Don't e-mail - please use the search engine.

Pulaskifield, MO  -  Frank Hatton -



1. Email Donna Cooper if you want to volunteer to look up data.

2. Look for the person's name under the category that you want to know about and e-mail that person.



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