Barry County, MO Data Files
photo Data files to aid with research are listed on this page.
photoAutograph Books, Life Story Booklets, Post Cards, Letters & Diaries Letters, old post cards, life story booklets, autographs & diaries add a lot of information to any research project.
photoBarry County Families Family files can be a good resource. Information should be checked out.
photoBible Records Bible Records are one of the best resources for research that can be used. We have a few on line.
photoDeath Records We have available a lot of death records and so those should be relied on as a dependable source of information.
photoCensus Records Our on line census records are listed here.
photoCitizenship Papers We have a few of these and would welcome more.
photoCommunity Churches & Ministers Church records are far and few between for our county - but we do have some church photos and other information about our county churches.
photoCommunity Focus Pages Community focus pages have photos and other valuable information.
photoCounty Files Our county files are a great resource.
photoLand Transfers Land records often have information about family relationships.
photoMilitary History & War Records Military and war pages should always be high on any researchers list. We have submit pages for you to use so that you can add the history of your ancestors who served from Barry County.
photoMiscellaneous Items This and that & family Information.
photoSlavery History We have several cemeteries with slave graves - most are unmarked.
photoStories Handed Down Hear-say genealogy is always fun - but not always accurate. It should not be over looked as a valuable resource, but verified.
photoNews - Businesses Often this type of news has information about families, too.
photoNews - People Anniversaries, weddings and deaths all become news.
photoNewspaper Files Any old news item that has family information should become a part of a good genealogical study.
photoVital Records Records on microfilm can be ordered are listed here. Also the death certificate link is given here and several years of Barry County marriages that are on line.
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