Barry County Missouri Ancestors
The Beaty/Wainright's

The items on this page are the result of genealogy research done by Helen (Daugherty) Wainright, wife of Charles Roy "Roy" Wainright.

Mrs. Wainright passed away in the mid 1960's and her niece Barbara Rivas passed this information on to us for online use.

The actual papers and photos have been passed on the the Monett Historical Society, and Barbara doesn't know anything about the family (which is why she looked for a home for these items) so please do not bother her with genealogy questions.  If you would like to send her email to thank her for her generosity, her address is below.

Barbara also said that there are known errors in this information so as always, verify all information with actual records before counting it as fact.
The Photo's

The Data

Note: When reading the handwritten pages please keep in mind that every attempt has been made to duplicate them as closely as possible.

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