First building to House Poor

Near Brock Spring

1 Mile SE of Cassville

Used for 18 Years - Until 1905

Submitted by: Diana Cope

Pictured above is a photograph of the first buildings, erected in 1887 to "house the county's unfortunate poor." The building was located near Brock Spring, one mile southeast of Cassville. According to the records, the buildings cost $315. to construct, and served their purpose for 18 years, until a new modern building replaced them in 1905.

Upon the completion of the new building, the following poem was published about the "poor farm" buildings, but the writer is now unknown.

It reads as follows:

"Farewell old house's bleak domains;
For dearer than the torrid plains;
You have the blessings of us all;
Our Country's grown and you're too small.
No more shall thy old roof cover,
Or thy old hull let in the cold;
You are gone from our memory forever;
We've a new home and thank God you are sold.
In snow we'll no more shake and shiver;
In summer no more will we scorch;
No more sleep in rain like a river;
Farewell, thy old hull, bed and porch."

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