Seligman Cemetery

AKA: Frost Cemetery
Barry County, Missouri

Sugar Creek Township

S23, T21N, R28W

Photo Submitted By: Darla Marbut
Yard Shot

Yard Shot - Frost Stones
Donations can be made by contacting: Caretaker, Jo Nell Corn, 8939 FR 2285, Seligman, MO 65745

All of the stones in Seligman Cemetery were photographed by Beverly Sweeney in the spring of 2007 who died not too long afterward.

Surnames A - D

Surnames E - G

Surnames H - N

Surnames O - Z

Researcher Submitted - Gerald Haddock's Files

Submitted by Darla Marbut

The First 100 Years in Seligman, page 182: "There is a bit of history concerning the lone pine tree in the cemetery. Miss Grace Elliott, sister of Ross Elliott, married Patrick Walsh, who was born in Georgia. He was a Frisco Special Agent and detective. He was 30 years old when he met a tragic death in the Frisco railroad yards in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1914 he was buried in the Seligman Cemetery. His sister who lived in Georgia sent a small pine seedling in a shoe box to be set near her brother's grave. Ross Elliott, a small boy then, remembers going to the cemetery with his mother to set the little seedling that came from Georgia in a shoe box. It has grown into a beautiful, stately tree and stands on the Elliott lot as a memorial to Patrick Walsh."

Not too far from Patrick Walsh's grave is the grave of Susan (Haddock) Elliott. She was the daughter of Charles Marion and Jenette (Bryant) Haddock. Charles Marion Haddock was the son of Charles Haddock, Jr., and his first wife Sarah (Collins) Haddock.

Susan and her husband, Albert B. Elliott are buried just past the pine tree shown above.

The Seligman Cemetery Association was formed in 1910. The first elected officers were Mrs. Mary Frost, President; Mrs. Maude Gilliam, Vice President; Lona Apple, Secretary and Mrs. C. C. Fawver, Treasure. Some time later Floyd Fawver and Bennie McCann were appointed to fill vacancies that were made by former trustees.
Marion Gladkowski states that the death certificate for John E. Kern says he is buried in Frost Cemetery. Further research indicates that the land for this Cemetery was donated in 1910 by a man named Frost. This later became part of Seligman Cemetery. The original Frost Cemetery part was only about 30 x 30 and is now only only field stones.

Located in Seligman, Barry Co., MO, from Highway 37 turn east on Berry and you are about 500 feet from the cemetery.

At that intersection, Berry Street goes east and Jefferson is west of the highway. Main Street is two blocks west of the highway on Jefferson.

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