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Key to Listings: Cemeteries with photo have been photographed and were transcribed from existing headstones. These submissions will have a lesser degree of error content than the old hand written transcriptions or the researcher submissions.

photo are NOT complete and are being constructed with researcher submitted information or are listed with old hand written transcriptions. Please be aware that most of these have a significant amount of error content. Researcher submissions are sometimes even listed in the wrong cemetery, which we are working on correcting.

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Overview of the Cemetery Project
FREE Military Headstones
Stones can be ordered for any veteran of any war, and the markers are free. When they arrive you will have to find someone to install it, but most Sons of the Confederate Veterans (SCV) and Sons of the Union Veterans (SUV) groups are always willing to install them for Civil War Veterans as well as Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and other groups.
Cemetery Restoration Project:

News Item

Old Stones Deteriorating

Corsicana Storm - Repair

Purdy - Stone Repair

Mystery Stone

Hadley Cemeteries - Restoration

Packwood Cemetery Restoration

Packwood Civil War Cemetery Story

Osa Cemetery Stones Repaired

Poor Farm Cemetery Cleanup

Haddock Cemetery Cleanup & Crosses Made

OAKLEY AWARD - GRAVESTONE STUDIES "Dear Donna, It is our pleasure to inform you that the Board of Trustees of The Association for Gravestone Studies has selected you to be a recipient of The Oakley Certificate of Merit. This award is given to groups or individuals who "…foster appreciation of the cultural significance of gravestones and burying grounds," and it is in recognition of your contributions in research and recording for the MOGenWeb site, and coordinating cemetery projects in Barry County, Missouri. Congratulations and best regards, Brenda W. Reynolds, Awards Committee"

Association for Gravestone Studies

The work here is the efforts of many dedicated volunteers who have given hours of time to the cemetery project.

Our goal is to photograph all of the stones in the county and to cleanup and repair as we go. Work continues all over the county and in more cemeteries than are mentioned here.

Many cemeteries have been located and fenced, hundreds of stones have been uncovered and repaired and dozens of volunteers have poured hours of work into the photographing of stones. Jay Trace has done a lot of the photographing of stones, Ted Roller has done a lot of cleanup and repair and Jack Fly has done a lot of the photographing of stones, cleanup and stone and cemetery repair work.

Thanks to our many volunteers thousands of photos now are available for us to view on the web. This project has been one that has spread all over the county and with a great deal of enthusiasm. Please do not take their photo work and put your name on it.

Please take the time to thank our volunteers for the help that they have given you in your research.
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Barry County Township Chart - Submitted by: Gerald Haddock

Online Obituary & Death Notices

Census and Marriage Records

State of Missouri Revised Cemetery Statutes

MO Death Certificates
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Submitted by: Gerald Haddock
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