Roller Cemetery on Big Sugar Creek
AKA: Pleasant Hill Cemetery

McDonald Co., MO


Located west of Washburn, MO, on hwy 90 - just over the Barry County line in McDonald Co., MO. You can see the county line marker from the cemetery.

Roller Cemetery - David Dalton, 417-826-5228. Established 1854, lots for sale. Accepts donations.

Cemetery Damage

1974 - Transcription submitted in 1999 by: Donna Cooper

1999 - Updates and grave mapping submitted by: Delta Newby

2013 - Files Updated by: Phyllis Long

Cemetery Document - Submitted by: Harley C. Rush

NOTE: Letter and number combo under the comments reflect Section and Grave number.

eg: 4C-25 is translated as Section 4C, Grave 25 etc.

1965 - Roller Community - Newspaper Article

1995 - Roller Community - Newspaper Article

Surnames A-C

Surnames D-F

Surnames G-I

Surnames J-L

Surnames M-O

Surnames P-R

Surnames S-V

Surnames W-Z

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