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Located on Curry Land
Two small photos that are of the stones and the Curry cabin photo were all submitted by: Darla Ball Marbut
Chart from the research files of Donna Cooper
Directions: South out of Cassville, Mo take Highway 86, turn right on Farm Road 1162 just before coming to Eagle Rock, MO (On right is the Roaring River Baptist Church). Turn to the right at the church, continue until there is a bridge over Roaring River - called the Curry Bridge.

Park at the East end of the bridge and go along the river banks to the north several yards until you come to the homemade grave stones.
Mary (Phillips) Reed - born Aug 20, 1815 - died March 22, 1847

Alfred Reed - born 1814 - died April 25, 1880

It is believe that the grave that is behind Mary's grave is that of Alfred Reed. But - there are no markings on that stone.
photo photo
On the 1850 census for Barry Co., MO, Alfred was listed as being 36 years old, making him born about 1814 in Indiana. His daughter Rachel was listed as age 9, born in Indiana, and his son, George, age 6, born in Missouri. It is assumed that sometime between 1841 and 1844 the Reed family moved to Barry Co., Missouri. [See census listed below]

Barry Co., MO, 1850, District 5, house # 46: Alfred Reed, age 36, born KY, Elizabeth, age 34, born KY, Rachel, age 9, IN, George, 6, born MO, William, age 4, born MO, Thomas, age 3, born MO, Mahala, age 2, born MO, Harriett, age 6 mos., born AR, and also in the house was Davis Ewing, age 16, born AR, Gimmette, age 14, born Arkansas, Joseph, age 12, born AR, Hardman, age 10, born AR and Sarah, age 7, born AR. The census was taken September of 1850.

Spencer Co., Indiana Marriages - Reed Alfred and Phillips, Mary, 02-14-1835.
Mary M. Phillips married Alfred Reed February 14, 1835 in Indiana. She was born August 20, 1815 in Wales and died March 22, 1847 near what is now Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO

Her husband Alfred Reed is believed to be buried in the grave behind her stone. The marker is a similar homemade stone - but without information. (Can be seen in photo of Mary's grave.)

A family story told by Alfred and Mary's granddaughter, indicated that when Mary M. (Phillips) Reed died she was wrapped in a quilt and buried in a hollow log on the banks of Roaring River north of Eagle Rock, MO, on what is now Curry land.
Descendants of Alfred Reed

1 Alfred Reed b: 1814 in Perry Co., KY d: April 25, 1880 in Barry Co , Missouri Burial: Near Curry Bridge, Barry Co., MO +Mary M. Phillips b: Aug 20, 1815 in Wales m: February 14, 1835 in Spencer Co., IN d: March 22, 1847 in Barry Co , Missouri Burial: Near Curry Bridge, Barry Co., MO

2 William Green Reed b: 1836 in Spencer Co., IN

2 Rachel Reed b: April 04, 1840 in Spencer Co., IN d: March 17, 1910 in Barry Co., MO Burial: March 18, 1910 Munsey Cemetery, near Roaring River, Barry Co., MO +James Samuel Faulkner b: September 27, 1839 in Forsyth, Taney Co., Missouri m: July 07, 1861 in Forsyth, Taney Co., MO d: April 02, 1888 in Barry Co., MO Burial: Munsey Cemetery, Near Roaring River, Barry Co., MO

2 George C. Reed b: November 07, 1842 in Barry Co., Missouri d: June 24, 1921 in Barry Co., Missouri Burial: Munsey Cemetery, Barry Co., MO +Narcissa West b: September 30, 1847 m: October 04, 1865 in Warrick Co., IN d: May 18, 1877 in Eagle Rock, Barry County, MO Burial: Old Haddock Cemetery near Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO *2nd Wife of George C. Reed: +Sarah Elizabeth Garrett b: February 28, 1845 in Talladego Co., Alabama m: October 30, 1878 in Barry County, MO d: February 03, 1936 in Barry Co., Missouri

2 Thomas E. Reed b: 1847 in Barry Co., Missouri

2 Mary Mahala Reed b: 1848 in Barry Co., Missouri

*2nd Wife of Alfred Reed: +Elizabeth Davis b: Abt. 1816 m: September 05, 1849 in Barry Co., MO d: Bet. 1860 - 1863 in Barry Co., Missouri

2 Harriett Reed b: February 1850 in Barry Co., Missouri d: in Carroll Co., AR +David Faulkner b: December 02, 1848 in Taney Co., Missouri m: January 23, 1870 in Berryville, Carroll Co., AR d: June 26, 1923 in Carroll Co., AR

2 Matilda Reed b: 1853 in Barry Co., Missouri

*3rd Wife of Alfred Reed: +Louisa Bristow b: March 1831 in Warrick Co., Indiana m: May 26, 1863 in Boonville, Warrick County, IN D. May 12, 1911 Burial: Wilson Cemetery, Pettigrew, Madison Co., AR

2 Sherman W. Reed b: August 11, 1866 in Warrick Co., Indiana d: April 12, 1942 in Talihina Twp., LeFlore Co., OK Burial: Old Cemetery, Talihina, LeFlore Co., OK +Frances Brashear b: Abt. 1873 m: January 29, 1893 in Van Buren Co., AR *2nd Wife of Sherman W. Reed: +Glandora D. Joiner b: March 04, 1861 in Mississippi m: Abt. 1894 in Yell Co., AR d: January 12, 1937 in Talihina Twp., LeFlore Co., OK Burial: Old Cemetery, Talihina, LeFlore Co., OK

2 Ulysses Grant Reed b: February 19, 1869 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: June 10, 1944 +Moylissa Elizabeth Wiley Morris b: April 14, 1867 in Searcy Co., AR m: September 11, 1890 in Marion Co., AR d: November 27, 1948

2 Jesse C. Reed b: Abt. 1872 in Barry Co., MO
From the Family Research Files of Darla Marbut

George Reed's youngest daughter, Martha Reed, wrote a letter dated Dec 9, 1969. In the letter she mentioned that there also may have been a little girl buried there where Mary Reed was buried.

She said her grandfather Alford (Alfred) Reed was buried there. She also thought that Walton Reed was there. [Research Note: Walton was a brother to Alfred.] Then she said maybe an Aunt Sally and Uncle Walton Reed were buried there.

She tells the story about Mary Phillips Reed dying and being buried in a hollow log with a quilt wrapped around her.

She said that Mary and Alfred Reed lived in a log house where Doc Skelton lived some years later. That would be just down Roaring River from where the graves were. [See the cabin photo.]

To continue with the letter:

Aunt Sally's husband was quite religious and went to church during the summer or any warm Sunday. Aunt Sally would put her bee box under her arm and would go bee hunting. That was the stories that Papa (George Reed) told her.

She said that when George Reed was 2 years old, his parents, (about 1844) with uncles and aunts, Robinson and Phillips families came by wagon and ox teams to Roaring River, Missouri, near what is now Eagle Rock. His father (Alfred Reed) had a store where Doc Skelton's house stood (across street from the old Eagle Rock Stores). She said that Mary Phillips Reed was the first who was buried there (near Curry Bridge).

Curry Log Cabin

Photo and data from the files of Darla Marbut
Charles Curry is a direct descendant and is the 4th generation to live on this farm. Darla Marbut indicated that he said that Noel Curry, his uncle, was born in the log cabin above. The cabin was in the field in front of its present location near the Roaring River and just up river a short distance from old Eagle Rock. In the later days it was moved to its present location and used as a barn. The older Charles Curry and Arizona (Skelton) Curry had a white clap board home near the above log structure.

Darla said that she asked if it was possible that it was his Great Grandmother, Julia (Russell) Skelton's log cabin. He said it was possible but he couldn't say for sure. There is an old letter that reads that "Doc" and Julia (Russell) Skelton built a new clap board house across the road from the old Eagle Rock store and that they moved there from their log cabin. Darla said, " I think that the log barn - cabin - above was the log cabin that belonged to them."

Julia (Russell) Skelton was the daughter of Milo and Nicey (Haddock) Russell, and Nicey was the daughter of Zachariah and Chloe (Albritton) Haddock.

Jasper Newton "Doc" and Julia (Russell) Skelton are buried in Munsey Cemetery and so is their daughter Arizona (Skelton) Curry, Charles' grandmother.

Charles Curry told Darla Marbut that he checked with Varl Ball and Varl checked the history written by his Mother, Edith Carter Ball. Varl confirmed that this log cabin was Newton Jasper "Doc" and Julia (Russell) Skelton's cabin.

There was one slight correction, Edith's history, stated that the log cabin was on the other side of Roaring River from where it sits today.

Rosemary, Charles Curry's wife, said that Charles' grandmother Arizona (Skelton) Curry told her the following story:

'Doc and Julia's new house was in Eagle Rock and across the road from a saloon. There was a fight and a man got shot at the saloon. Doc brought him across the road to his house and blood got on the wooden floor. Arizona said the man died. They tried many times to get the blood off the floor but was never able to. When Arizona lived in the house during her later years, she kept a rug over the blood stain.'
Bob Akins, descendant of Alfred Reed and his third wife, Louisa Bristow Simpson Reed is cleaning up the cemetery in 2011.
From the Family Research Files of Darla Marbut

During the Civil War, two of the Curry women, possibly Martha and her daughter Mary Ann, heard a man calling out. So they climbed Pelican Mountain in front of their home and found a badly injured Confederate soldier. It would have been very dangerous for all, and for them to move him during daylight but they did take him some water. When night fell, they took a sled and went back for him. But it was too late, the soldier had died while they were waiting for dark. So they loaded his body onto the sled and then buried him with Mary Reed on the banks of Roaring River. They never knew who he was.

Told by Charles Curry from his father, Ray Curry, from his father, Charles Curry, from his father, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Curry.

Alfred's Third Wife

Alfred's third wife was the great-great grandmother of Donna Cooper.

Alfred and Louisa married in May 26, 1863 in Boonville, Warrick Co., IN. Louisa (Bristow) Simpson and was married to him at the time of his death.

Louisa's first husband was William Simpson, and they married May 22, 1843 in Warrick Co., IN. He died in Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co., MO, between 1862 and 1863.

After Alfred Reed died she married Solomon Allred May 18, 1883 in Hart Suggs, Van Buren Co., AR.
Alfred Reed's stone
Mary M. Reed's stone
Reed Cemetery - Bob Akins

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