Packwood Cemetery

Barry County, Missouri

Liberty Township

SW20, T23N, R28W

364127N 0935920W

Packwood Cemetery Files

Repair At Packwood Cemetery

Barry County, MO

Steve Mattingly & Ted Roller

Setting a Stone

Grave 1

Grave 2

Grave 3

Grave 4

Grave 5

Grave 6

Grave 7

Grave 8 & Dixie - The Cemetery Dog

Grave 9

Grave 10

Grave 11

Grave 12

Grave 13

Field Stone - H B - J B?

Thomas H. Brattin

Lizzie May Brattin

James C. Warren

Entire Cemetery - Fence

Thomas H. Dilworth

Elias Price

Matilda Doss

Matilda Doss

Packwood Cemetery Stones

Cleaning & Clearing

Clean Up

Clearing Brush

Burning Brush


File Submitted by: Jack Fly,

BCG&HS Cemetery Committee, Chairman

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