Packwood Cemetery

Barry County, Missouri

Liberty Township

SW20, T23N, R28W

364127N 0935920W

Packwood Cemetery Files


From the photo files of Jay Trace
Directions: From Exeter take 86 west to FR1040 after you cross FR2175 the cemetery will be on your right (east). If you make it to the T with FR2162 you went too far.
Packwood Cemetery


Photos from the photo files of Jack Fly & Darla Marbut

Another Cemetery Photo

Jack Fly at Packwood

Ted Roller & Jack Fly

Georgia Ball Farwell & Jack Fly

Georgia Ball Farwell, Ted Roller and Jack Fly are all active members of the Barry Co., MO Genealogical & Historical Society and concerned about the restoration of Barry County cemeteries.

Packwood Cemetery Files

Newspaper Account of These Civil War Events

Cemetery Restoration Project:

News Item

Repair and Restoration of Packwood

April 13, 1907, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Military History of Barry County

Asa Chillcut was killed by the federals about eight miles from Cassville. Thos. Dillworth, was reported to have met the same fate.

Asa Chillcut killed Johnson in 1861, at a time when the southern troops held possession of Cassville. Before the courts were established Chillcut himself was killed. May 4, 1907, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

More Military History: Mr. Editor: I think the military history should have been extended a little. In speaking of Asa Chillcutt and Thos. Dillworth being killed, not only them but Elias Price and Dr. Harris, also at the same time. Ye scribe was one of the boys who buried them all in one grave at the Packwood Cemetery. Again it was John Bowen an old man of 75, who was hanged instead of Brown. The home guards hanged two little boys of Mrs. Mary Tabor the same time, the youngest one, Tom, died from injuries sustained. He was a lad of eight.
Research Note: In 1860 in Liberty Twp., John Brown was listed as age 63. He is probably the one that was mentioned in the paper. It's very likely that he also may be buried at Packwood. His wife was age 59. She could also be buried there. They are living next door to the Bowen family. The news item reads: "John S. Brown of Shoal Creek, accused of harboring rebels, was hanged until almost dead for the purpose of extracting some information from him, relating to the rebels."

The Mary J. Bowen's family are next door to John Brown and she very well may be the Mary Tabor that the newspaper mentioned. She has listed a son named Thomas who in 1860 was age 6. He is probably the lad of 8 who died from injuries. 1860 in Liberty Twp. He may be buried in Packwood, too. Also another little boy of Mary J. Bowen's was named J. W. and he was 9 in 1860, thus making him around 12 in 1863. He also may be buried at Packwood.

This was taken from page 76 of the reprinted version of Goodspeed's History of Barry County, 1888.

Asa Chillcut was killed by Federal troops about 8 miles from Cassville. Thomas Dilworth was reported to have met the same fate. Elias Ferguson was strung up by Capt. Ray's company to extract a confession but escaped death.

Asa Chillcut killed Johnson in 1861 at a time when the Southern troops held the town. Before the circuit courts were re-established, Chillcut himself was killed.

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