These were all of the stones in the cemetery when it was transcribed by Mary Homesley in the summer of 1999.

April 2004: Lanny and Mary Homesley braved the snakes and bee hives to photograph the existing stones.
Old Stubblefield Cemetery

Barry County, Missouri
Flat Creek Township
S6, T22N, R27W

From Cassville take 37 south to FR1090 and turn left (east), go to FR2200 and turn left (east) again. At the intersection of FR2200 and FR1107 you will see the Old Corinth Church which was moved to this location a few years ago. Now follow - this map to find the cemetery.

As of April 2004 the property surrounding the cemetery is being sold off in lots for new houses and four houses have already been built.

Better Directions: Take Highway 37 South to Cassville - At the south end of Cassville, there is the intersection of Highways 37/76/86. The next left, or east turn, is Farm Road 2180-go left there Go .4 miles and turn right at Farm Road 1107. Go 1.2 miles until 1107 curves to the right and follow it. As the road starts to curve back left, there is a sign for "Saddle Ridge / D. E. McGruder Development". Turn right into that development, which will be McGruder Boulevard It turns to the left, and you follow it until you come to a cul-de-sac. At that cul-de-sac, if you look down the hill in a field, of to the right a bit. You'll see a grove of trees with a log fence inside that fence is Old Stubblefield Cemetery.

Jay Trace sent a note that reads: I just talked to a landowner that lives next to the Old Stubblefield Cemetery. He told me that he was told that the Stubblefields generally were buried on the west end of the graveyard, and slaves were buried on the east end. They usually had unmarked, or barely marked, field stones as markers.
View Old Stubblefield Cemetery

Jay Trace submitted photos in 2007.

Yard Shot - 2007

Yard Shot - 2007
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