Old Keetsville Cemetery, Washburn, Barry Co., MO

This cemetery was located by Ted Roller and Jack Fly in August of 2007.

Photos are from the photo files of Jack Fly

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Although they don't show up well in the picture, the stones are piled several deep round this tree. Jack said that he uncovered all the scribed stones that he saw without digging into the pile. He said that he believes there are more stones to be found in locations scattered around the area.

The Old Keetsville Cemetery is located on 14 acres of land owned by Mrs. Lorraine Roller in 2007. It is in the northeast part of Washburn in section 27, township 22N, range 28W.

Forty or more years ago a previous owner plowed under the cemetery. The stones were collected and piled around trees. Ted Roller and Jack Fly found one of the piles of headstones August 14, 2007 while searching for this cemetery.

Jack said: "Due to the density of the brush and extreme heat of the day we gave up the search for more stones. We plan to return when the vegetation has died down and the weather cools off. Restoration of this cemetery would be impossible due to the removable of the stones and bases. If enough stones can be found it might be possible to pick a central location in the now destroyed cemetery and reset the surviving stones as a memorial to those buried there.

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