Josiah Johnson Cemetery
Barry Co., MO

Submitted in 2006 by: Jack Fly
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JOSIAH JOHNSON - October 4, 1774 – January 16, 1859

MARY ANN JOHNSON - Jan. 1, 1784 - Jan. 18, 1898
The footstone "M. A. J." is for Josiah's wife, Mary Ann. Researchers say her maiden name was Duckworth.

1850 WASHINGTON COUNTY, MISSOURI FEDERAL CENSUS Liberty Twp., enumerated October 7, 1850 Household #707/707 Horine, Elias, age 34, w/m, farmer, MO Mary, age 32, w/f, Germany Eveline, age 12, w/f, MO Michael, age 10, w/m, MO Harrison A,. age 8, w/m, MO Washington, age 5, w/m, MO Mary A., age 3, w/f, MO Christopher, age 4, w/m, MO Hilt, Christiana, age 21, w/f, MO Hildor, Madi, age 20, w/m, laborer, Mexico

Household #710/710 Johnson, Josiah, age 76, w/m, farmer, VA Mary, age 65, w/f, NC Sarah L., age 28, w/f, MO Emily O., age 21, w/f, MO Alley A., age 18, w/f, MO Hutchings, Frances, age 37, w/f, MO John P., age 15, w/m, MO Jeptha A., age 13, w/m, MO Menny E., age 11, w/f, MO Clardy, Norman S., age 24, w/m, farmer, KY Mary A., age 25, w/f, MO M. P. J., age 1, w/m, MO Johnson, Uriah P., age 31, w/m, MO Josiah C., age 23, w/m, MO Josiah Johnson’s real estate valued at $1,600. Norman Clardy’s real estate valued at $2,000.

1860 BARRY COUNTY MISSOURI FEDERAL CENSUS Capps Creek Twp., Capps Creek post office, enumerated July 31, 1860 Household #773/760 Johnson, William T., age 43, w/m, farmer, SC Evaline E., age 23, w/f, domestic, MO Mary P., age 5, w/f, MO Theodosia, age 3, w/f, MO Josiah H., age 1, w/m, MO Estus, James, age 21, w/m, farm laborer, TN Johnson, Mary, age 76, w/f, NC Real estate valued at $1,000 and personal property valued at $1,000.

1870 BARRY COUNTY MISSOURI FEDERAL CENSUS Capps Creek Twp., Cassville post office, enumerated August 10, 1870 Household #123 Johnson, Eveline, age 34, w/f, farmer, MO Mary, age 15, w/f, MO T. E., age 13, w/f, MO Josiah H., age 12, w/m, MO U. P., age 9, w/m, MO Mary, age 85, w/f, NC Snodgrass, John age 22, w/m, farm laborer, MO Storks, William age 20, w/m, farm laborer, VA Eveline Johnson’s real estate valued at $4,000.

Household #126 Horine, Elias, age 54, w/m, farmer, MO Mary, age 52, w/f, Switzerland Susan O., age 17, w/f, MO Hiram, age 14, w/m, MO Dinkins, Sidney, age 8, w/m, MO Real estate valued at $800 and personal property valued at $500.

1880 Capps Creek Twp., Barry Co., MO 84. 84. Eva Johnson, Self, Widowed, Female, White, 42, MO, Keeping House, MO, Prussia Dosia Johnson, Dau, S, Female, White, 23, MO, House Keeping, GA, MO Josiah Johnson, Son, S, Male, White, 21, MO, Farmer, GA, MO Pleasant Johnson, Son, S, Male, White, 18, MO, Farmer, GA, MO H. S. Horine, Brother, S, Male, White, 24, MO, Farmer, MO, Prussia Uriah Pleasant Johnson and family, which included his parents, Josiah and Mary Johnson, came to Barry County in 1857. May 15, 1857 he purchased a land patent from the Springfield land office containing 40 acres of land described as the SWSE portion of section 13, Twp. 25N, R28W, located approximately 4 miles southwest of Monett. When war came to the county Uriah Johnson enlisted in the Union Army. He was reported killed at the Battle of Sabine Pass, Texas. His remains were never located.

The legendary Eva Post Office was established in 1867 on the Eva Johnson farm. The log cabin home of the widow Johnson housed the post office, and it served the surrounding territory until 1872. In 1870 the *Peirce City Post office was commissioned and eventually replaced the Eva Post Office. The Johnson home/post office was located on the wagon road, which ran from Springfield to Granby. This was an important freight route during the Granby lead mining boom prior to the Civil War. [*Correct spelling for that time period]

The Josiah Johnson Cemetery is located just north of the sight of the old Eva Post Office on land currently owned by the Deryll Stebler family. The remaining stones were removed from the gravesite and placed in a fence line west of the graves. The headstone and footstone of Josiah Johnson and the footstone of his wife Mary A. Johnson are the only surviving markers on the site and may have marked the only two burials at that place.

Uriah P. Johnson was the father of Mary Josephine Johnson, Theodosia Johnson, Josiah Horine Johnson and Uriah Pleasant Johnson, Jr.

More Notes:

Josiah H., who is mentioned below, is the grandson of Josiah Johnson in the cemetery.

Michael Horine, Mrs. Cleo Hawk, Harry Horine, E. K. Horine and Miss Bessie Horine attended the funeral of Mrs. J. H. Johnson at Monett, Thursday.

October 10, 1912, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO Jack added: The funeral notice for Mrs. J. H. Johnson is for Josiah Horine Johnson's wife (Elizabeth Hendershot). Elizabeth was teaching school at the Talbert School when she married Josiah H. Johnson, September 25, 1882.

Mrs. Eva Johnson, a highly and respected citizen, of Pierce City died at her home Monday evening after an illness of only a week. Her death was due to pleurisy following an attack of pneumonia, deceased was about 76 years of age and had lived in Pierce City for a number of years. She was a sister of Michael and Harry Horine of this city and Hiram Horine of near Monett. She is survived by four children. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the home in charge of Rev. W. A. Todd of Monett. For many years she had been a member of the Baptist Church and had lived a consistent Christian life. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horine and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Horine attended the funeral services. November 28, 1912, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

The oldest Native Missourian: With the death of Judge Elias Horine of Washburn, passed away the oldest native Missourian to Barry County if not in the state. Born June 11, 1818 in Washington County, Missouri, in 1837 he married Mary A. Raber, by whom he had eight children, five boys and three girls. Those who survive him are Michael and Harrison Horine, Cassville; Hiram Horine, Monett Township; Mrs. Thos. Carlin and Mrs. Eva Johnson, Pierce City. In the spring of 1853 he went to California but returned the next fall. In 1857 he moved to this county, which was his home until his death, which occurred Feb 8. Sept 11, 1861, he enlisted in Co. G., 6 MO., Cav., commended by Col. Wright, and remained in the service until Oct. 27, 1864 when he was mustered out at Baton Rouge, LA. Dec 19, 1864, he was commissioned probate judge of Barry County; July 10, 1865, first lieutenant and recruiting officer for Barry, Newton and McDonald Counties; Jan 2, 1883, as postmaster at Seven Star; and Sept 17, 1889 as postmaster a t O'day, now Washburn. In 1885 he professed religion and joined the Baptist Church, with which organization he was associated until death. As a citizen and neighbor he was respected, and sincere regrets are felt over his departure. The remains were brought to Cassville, Friday and interred in the Cassville Cemetery. Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Feb 15, 1900

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