The Hale Cemetery that was in Barry Co., MO

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Relocated to Stone Co., MO - Now under water.


Cemetery Stone

Cemetery Stone

Cemetery Stone

Cemetery Stone
White River Township

Barry County, MO

Relocated to Philibert Cemetery near Kimberling City

Photos and Information Submitted by: Jay Trace

Leader Press 7-22-1956 - Grave Hunt Strenuous - Page 1

Philibert Cemetery - Page 2

Philibert Cemetery - Page 3

Leader 9-20-1956 - New Cemetery Tract Bought on HWY 13

Leader Press 10-12-1957 - Arkansas Bidder Apparently Low on Cemetery Job

Leader Press 1-15-1958 - Grave Moving Work Probed
According to my Lost Graves CD, the four graves moved from Hale Cemetery, were:

1. T. B. P. to Joseph Philibert, Grave No. 397.
2.Elijah Clark, Joseph Philibert, Grave No. 391
3. Ellia Clark, Joseph Philibert, Grave No. 394.
4.T. O. Hale, Joseph Philibert, Grave No. 392

Springfield Leader-Press:

July 22, 1956 ( 3 pages) The article has a picture of Marvin Tong at the old, original Joseph Philibert Cemetery with the graves of Joseph Philibert, Peninah Yoachum Philibert, and Charles E. Philibert. There follows two more pages of article about the removal.

Sept. 20, 1956 titled "New Cemetery Tract Bought on Highway 13".

Oct. 12, 1957 titled "Arkansas Bidder Apparently Low on Cemetery Job".

Jan. 17, 1958 titled "Grave Moving Work Probed - Stone Countians Say Job Incomplete - Wilma Fields
Monett Times


Would Be Inundated By Dam Reservoir

One cemetery in Barry County and 18 in Stone County, that will be inundated by Table Rock Lake reservoir in about a year may be combined into one cemetery soon by the Little Rock district of the Army Engineers.

A meeting has been called for Thursday, July 26, at 7:30 p.m. at Reeds Spring High School with representatives of the engineers and cemetery officials discussing establishment of the new cemetery association.

The government will pay the cost of removing the graves, monuments and headstones and will purchase land for the new cemetery, but maintenance will be the responsibility of trustees appointed by those effected.

Containing about 420 known graves, the cemeteries are Hale in Barry County, and Warren, Thomas, Hammer, Yates, Pitts, Horn, Evans, Henson, Pace, Thompson, Hobbs, Leonard, Andoe, Philibert, Oswalt, Morris, Hardin and Galaswell in Stone County.
There was a family cemetery on Turner's land, where members of the Hale family were buried for a number of years. Turner and his son, Elias, were buried there, as was Elijah Clark, his son-in-law, and also someone with the initials, "T B P."
The graves were moved in the 1950's to make room for Table Rock Dam and Lake. The family cemetery is now under 30 feet of water in the middle of the lake in Section 2, Township 21 North, Range 25 West.

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, which moved the graves from the Hale Cemetery to the Joseph Philibert Cemetery in Kimberling City, said they moved 16 graves, but only 4 had markers that could be identified at the time. No others were marked on the map provided by the Corps of Engineers. Any old wooden markers that may have existed from these and other graves were removed and discarded many years ago by cemetery workers as they were allegedly illegible and decayed. This information was from Jack Turner, caretaker of the Joseph Philibert Cemetery, who helped relocate the cemetery.

Jay Trace's Note: I've found two newspaper articles from 1956 regarding the movement of 20 cemeteries and nearly 400 graves from the area that is now underwater in Table Rock Lake. One of those cemeteries is Hale Cemetery from Barry County. Here is a Stone County link to the cemeteries that were in that relocated to Philibert Cemetery.
That cemetery is now under 30 feet of water and the Corps of Engineers only moved 4 graves over to Philibert Cemetery in Stone County, Turner's being one of them, as well as one of his sons, Ellias Ogburn Hale, his son in law, Elijah Clark, one unmarked and one with initials of TJB.

The George M. Hale, mentioned as Tom's son in Bartlesville, OK was my grandfather.

Gary Hale's Online Notes were used to collect information about graves here. One stone he quoted reads "E. O. Hale B. May 18, 1839?"

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