Haddock Cemetery

Near Purdy, Barry Co., MO

Located in Sec 34 Twp. 25N Range 28W

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Directions: From the junction of Hwy 37 and FR2070 proceed west on FR2070 to FR1050. Go north on FR1050 seven tenths of a mile. There will be a white farm house and barn on the left side of the road. Go through the gate at the end of the driveway and the cemetery will be about 400 yards to the west of the house.

There are 8 graves at this location, 4 marked with headstones and 4 marked with field stones.

Photos and canvas work submitted by: Jack Fly

William and Mary (Collins) Haddock

The original land patent records state that William Haddock owned land in section 34 and at that time he was the only Haddock with land in that section. He received 40 in 1853, 40 in 1852 and in 1857 another 40 - all in Section 34. In Section 27, he received 2 different 40 acre tracts in 1853, a 40 acre tract in 1852, and 40 in 1848. Section 27 joined Section 34. So he had 7 40 acre tracts that joined each other. Neighbors were Lewis Ethridge, Edward Brown, Elias Birkes, James Bryant, Joel Mitchell and John G. Castoe in Section 27. In section 34 he was the only person owning land at that time who had received it by patent. In section 35 Elijah Waltrip and Henry Stinnett as well as Henry Goodnight were all neighbors who had patent land.

In 1860 William and Mary were listed on the Barry County census, which places them in that area and living on some of this property.

1860 Federal Population Schedules, US Census: House # 685, head of household was William Haddock, age 53, born in NC. His wife, Mary, age 47, born in Kentucky. Children were given as Evaline, daughter, age 18, born in MO; Charles, son, age 15, born in MO; Sarah, daughter, age 13 born in MO; Juliette, daughter, age 11, born in MO; Elizabeth, daughter, age 6, born in MO; William, son, age 3, born in MO; and listed after those above was Alexander, age 25, son, born in MO; Franklin, son, age 21, born in MO; and Emily, age 17, born in AR. Living in house # 686 was Thomas R. Lowery, age 34, born in KY, and his wife Sarah J., age 30, born in MO. And three doors away and in house # 688 was James D. Vaughan, age 38, born in TN, with wife Mary A., age 32, also born in TN.

Between 1865 and 1869 William Haddock died, but since he paid taxes in 1861 he must have been living at that time. I think it is probable that he is buried here on his place in an unmarked grave. After his death, Polly left Barry County with her children and went to Texas with her son Nathan, so she did not die here. In 1880, she was in Erath Co., TX. Her son William Marion Haddock left Barry Co., MO, and after his wife, Sarah Margaret Neal and son George Haddock were struck by lighting in 1884. Sarah's mother and sister are both buried in Maddy Cemetery and there are two graves between them so that is likely their burial place.

According to the Bonds and Letters of Administration 1865-1869, William's estate was probated then. [Ref: Barry Co., MO, Page 134] Estate of William Haddock, deceased. State of Missouri, County of Barry: Know all men by these presents that we Polly Haddock of the county of Barry as principal and Elijah Waltrip as security are held and firmly bound unto the state of Missouri to the use and benefit of Elisabeth Haddock minor heir of William Haddock deceased in the full sum of one hundred dollars to be paid to said state as aforesaid and to the payment on hereof we bind our selves our heirs executors and administrators jointly severally and firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 4th - day of October 1866.

The condition of the above bond is such that whereas the said Polly Haddock has been appointed the curator of the said Elizabeth Haddock. Now if the said Polly Haddock shall ever and truly and faithfully perform and discharge the duties of said office in every respect according to law and shall render a plain and true statement upon oath according to law of all her doing in said curatorship of all profits devised by her on the estate of said ward and all proceed of any real estate sold by her by order of court and perform all other things touching said curatorship required by law and upon the expiration of her said curatorship shall pay and deliver over all money and estate or so much thereof as shall be found remaining with said curator under said minor pursuant to law then this obligation shall be void otherwise remain in full force and affect.

William Haddock paid taxes in Barry Co., MO, 1860 and 1861.

William's estate wasn't probated until after the war, which seem to have happened in several other cases, too.

Approved the 4th day of October, Polly Haddock {seal}. 1866 by Elias Horine, Judge of Probate - Elijah Waltrip {seal}. [Ref: Barry Co., MO, Estates and Probates, Page 134]: Elizabeth Haddock; minor heir of William Haddock, deceased. Bond: $ 100., 4 October 1866, Polly Haddock, principal, Elijah Waltrip, bondsmen. [Ref: Barry Co., MO, Estates and Probates, Page 135]: William Haddock, minor heir of William Haddock, deceased. Bond: $ 100., 4 October 1866, Polly Haddock, principal, Franklin Haddock and Alexander Haddock, bondsmen.

The date of William's death suggests that he may have been killed by bushwhackers as were so many of his Haddock kinsmen who were living in Barry Co. MO, at the time of the Civil War.

William and Mary Haddock had a daughter named Emily who was born in 1843 and the family seems not to know where she died or when so she may have died young. It is possible that she is buried here. There was also a daughter named Sarah who was born in 1847 that the family seems not to know what happened to her either. Perhaps she is also buried here. Also Mary Frances Loveall, Alexander's wife, died in 1858. Alexander must have been living close by in 1861 -1866 when the estate was probated because his name is mentioned as a bondsman. Since the family seems uncertain about where Frances died, she could be buried here, too. And, then there is William Haddock, I'd say that it is highly likely that he is buried here, too, because he owned the land that this cemetery is situated on.

Notes added by: Donna Cooper

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