Cornelison Family Cemetery - Near Seligman, MO

Barry County, Missouri

Sugar Creek Township

S3, T21N, R28W

Transcribed and history added May 2003 by: Brandon Burns

Photos Submitted in Feb. of 2017 by: Jay Trace

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Brandon's Directions: South east of Washburn, straight north of Seligman. From Highway 37, turn onto Blockade Rd. (FR 1070). The cemetery is in the middle of a field on the Raucstadt (Rauc-A-Bye Farms) property. The cemetery is in a fenced grove of trees. The cemetery is grown up in weeds and thorns. There are only two marked graves in the cemetery.

Jay's Directions: To get there, go south on Highway 37 to Washburn. While still in town, turn east on Farm Road 1070. Go several miles until you come to a lane with one of those custom street signs that says "Rauc-A-Bye Lane". Turn left down that lane. Once you come to a "Y", there is a sign that indicates that if you veer left, you go towards the Raucstadt place. Veering right will take you to the Fargo place. Veer left. You will come to the home of Don and Sue Raucstadt. We asked permission from a lady working outside, presumably Sue, and she was very accommodating. We went past her place on a continuing gravel lane. As it went right, we went straight on a dirt path to a red gate. Go through the gate, go left along the fence, and circle right around a grove of trees. As you get around the trees, you can see a small fenced-in enclosure in the middle of the field, with two or three trees. That's it.

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