Directions: Take 112 South out of Cassville for about 5 1/2 miles, then turn right or West onto Highway AA, Corinth Cemetery is about 2.4 miles from there.

The current cemetery board says that this cemetery was never known as Pasley; however, it was occasionally referred to as Pasley in some of the historical newspapers.

The Caretaker is Bob Lee. Send donations to Corinth Cemetery, 10083 FR 2220, Cassville, MO 65625
Corinth Cemetery
AKA: Huff
Barry County, Missouri
Flat Creek Township
NW Sec. 18, T22N, R27


Gate Photo submitted by: LoVella Truhitte Moore

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Corinth A - D

Corinth E - F

Corinth G - H

Corinth I - O

Corinth P - S

Corinth T - W
Yard Shots submitted by: Diana Cope

From Back Looking East

Back Looking East

Back Looking East

Back Looking Southeast

Back Looking Northeast

Looking Toward Front Gate

Yard Shot

Yard Shot

Yard Shot

Yard Shot

Looking North

Looking Northwest

Looking West

Looking Through Gate

Front & Gate

Sam Porter Shed

Front & Flag

Sam Porter Dedication

Submitted by: Darla Marbut

Yard Shot

From Distance

Yard Shot - The Middle

Yard Shot

Yard Shot

Yard Shot - The Middle
This cemetery was originally known as Huff Cemetery and was later renamed to Corinth.

Citizens of the Pasley locality have organized a cemetery association for the Corinth Cemetery. At a meeting held last week the following officers were elected: Henry Dunn, President; Wm. Fogg, Vice President; Geo. Porter, Secretary and treasure. The following were also selected as members of the Board of Directors: Doc Hefley, C. A. James and Geo. Herd. State Historical Society of MO Microfilm - January 14, 1915, Thursday, Cassville Republican

In the early 1970's Jack & Geraldine Fambrough donated land for expansion of cemetery. Again, in 2009, the Fambrough heirs donated additional land.

All the stones in this cemetery were photographed during April through May of 2007 by: Diana Cope

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