photo Christopher or Sexton Cemetery

Barry County, Missouri

Capps Creek Township

S1, T25N, R29W
Located 5.9 miles west of the Monett, Missouri city limits sign on Highway 60 and just before the Newton County Line.

Located, canvassed and research in Spring of 2005 by Jay Trace

The driveway is 5.9 miles west of the Monett, Missouri city limits sign on Highway 60. The lady that owns it is named Billie Wormington. Her address is Rt. 3 Box 475, Pierce City, MO, 65723.

She and her husband, Amos, bought the property 50 years ago from a man named Bill Sexton. Mr. Sexton was 90 years old at the time, and died a few years later. (She said he is buried in Pierce City) The house had been vacant for 9 years prior to the Wormington purchase. It was overgrown, and it needed work. While chopping down enormous weeds, Mr. Wormington tripped over the gravestones. They had no idea there was even a graveyard there. They contacted Mr. Sexton, and he said a couple of his kids were buried there. I presume those were the two Sexton child graves there. Mr. Sexton also had two more boys that were raised there. She said that at some point, they got really mad at their Dad, and burned the house down! The one there now was what they rebuilt afterwards.

Mrs. Wormington said that between 9 and 14 years ago, Mr. Sexton's MUCH younger 2nd wife (maybe named Lola) and the two living sons came from California to view the graves.
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