The Town of Butterfield

Barry Co., MO

Butterfield, Barry Co., MO

Butterfield, Barry Co., MO

Butterfield News: The strawberry association is expecting a good yield of berries this year and there will be quite a number of pickers needed. The vines here are heavier fruited this year than they have been for years. May 15, 1919, Cassville Republican Butterfield Books

Butterfield Community, Then And Now, Memories of Butterfield, Barry Co., MO
, by Ted Roller, et. al., pub. 2000
Maxine -
Butterfield - Population 136 Submitted by: Gerald Lowe

Butterfield Depot
Butterfield - Outside Links

Butterfield, MO Community Profile

Butterfield News
Butterfield Churches
Butterfield Baptist Church
Cemeteries - Butterfield & Around Butterfield

Gunter - Northeast of Butterfield

Log Church Memorial Gardens - Northeast of Butterfield

Russell - South of Butterfield

Taggart Royal Oak - West of Butterfield

Bullington - Northeast of Butterfield

Mt. Pleasant - AKA: New Church - West of Butterfield

Higgs - Butterfield

Hadley - South of Butterfield

Burton - West of Butterfield

Clark - AKA: New Hope - West of Butterfield

Above Photo Submitted by: Gerald Lowe

Businesses in Butterfield &
Around Butterfield From Days Gone By Below:
Butterfield Berry Shed
L. W. Nickle Groceries
Goldie's Cafe
M. L. Bloomer Gentry's Store
John Garrett's Butterfield Shop and Station
Butterfield Bank
Prier's Service Station
Abe Dummit's Service Station
Larry Kinser's Service Station
Oscar Hilbrun's Grocery store

Some Early Butterfield Families

R. W. Poplin
George W. Brown
Samuel T. Hankins
John L. Cates
Thomas C. Powers
J. M. Black
Leverett B. Sidway
l. M. Grayson
Scott Russell
N. A. Bloom
Elijah M. Brandenburg
A. H. Truax
Johannah Ferguson
Manda M. Bradley
Wheelin Combs
Amy N. Hartfield
W. L. Combs
John F. Pilant
J. W. LeCompte
J. W. Lanius
R. J. Hinson
Alice V. Shipman
W. J. and Levi Madison
Amelia Madison
John G. Gray
Lemuel N. Pannell
Rosa C. Crow
Fred Combs
Rev. W. R. & Blanche Ella Prier
A. L. and M. E. Handy
George T. Ray Family
John and Lina (Harris) Simpson
David and Mabel (Lee) Russell
Rev. John Wesley & Elizabeth (Terry) Riddle
William H. "Brig" Pennell Family
Goldie's Cafe - Taken in 1939 Submitted by: Howard Nelson

Hardaway's Store - Taken in 1957 by Carl Gilmore - Submitted by: Gerald Lowe

John Henley's Combination Cafe, Barber Shop & Pool Hall- Submitted by: Gerald Lowe

Butterfield Strawberry Shed - Submitted by: Gerald Lowe

Strawberry Shed from a different angle - Submitted by: Gerald Lowe

Main Street looking toward paved highway - Submitted by: Gerald Lowe

Maxine & Butterfield Sign - Submitted by: Gerald Lowe


This is the old Meadowbrook Store, which was outside Butterfield. Take U Highway off of Highway 37. Turn left on Farm Road 1112, and go to the corner of 1112 and 2015. I talked to Verlon Haworth, who's father owned the store. The family lived in a few rooms inside the building. It was on a corner, at the bottom of a bluff. In order to keep water from congregating there, they had dug a directional ditch that ran UNDER the back of the store, where a lot of the feed was kept. The back of the store was actually on stilts. The cellar out back was built right into the face of that bluff. The ice truck would come every day and blocks of ice were unloaded into that cellar to keep things cool. Submitted by Jay Trace, 2016

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