Casualties of Barry County, MO

Honoring Men & Women Who Served in World War II

Wheaton Journal, July 4, 1946



Following is the list of those in Newton, Barry and McDonald county, who lost their lives in the line of duty during World War II as listed by the war department. If an individual gave an address as his home when he entered the Army his name is listed in the county in which this address was located.

Following each name is the rank and type of casualty -

KIA=means killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action in the rear areas. Or if a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or being shot while escaping;

DOW=persons who were wounded and later died;

DO=those who suffered fatal battle injuries as opposed to wounds, in combat or in combat areas and in the line of duty status;

DNB=other line of duty deaths such as from sickness, homicide, suicide, or accidents outside non battle;

FOD=those who were determined to be dead under Public LAW 490;

M=missing persons:



Barnett, Billy L. Pvt. KIA
Braden, Verne E. Pvt. KIA
Brixy, Hugh S. Jr. 1 Lt. DNB
Camp, Henry G. Pfc. KIA
Collins, Lloyd C. Pvt. DNB
Davis, Lewis K. Sgt. KIA
Dodson, Howard, Pvt. KIA
Edgmond, Loyd H. Pvt. KIA
Essary, Lee Pvt. KIA
Ford, Carl H. Pfc. KIA
Gautney, Clyde F. Pfc. KIA
Graves, Johnnie O. Pfc. KIA
Henbest, Henry G. Pvt. KIA
Hilton, Eugene L. Pvt. DNB
Holder, Alvin D. 2Lt, KIA
Hubbard, Lewis W. 1 Lt. DNB
Jinks, William R. Tec. 4 KIA
Jung, Carl E. Pfc. FOD
Knott, Gerald D. Fl O KIA
Lee, Hildried F. Pfc. KIA
Lowery, Alvin C. Pvt. KIA
Marbut, Albert G. Pfc. KIA
May, William M. S-Sg., KIA
Mc Millen, Rex H. 2 Lt. DVB
Mitchell, Charlie J. Pfc., KIA
Mullins, Rolla S. Pfc. KIA
Neiner, Harold J. Pfc. KIA
Nixon, Earl A. Pfc KIA
Norwood, Homer A. Pvt. KIA
Opalka, Carl M. S-Sg. KIA
Patton, Hershel W. Pvt KIA
Planchon, Roy E. Pfc DNB.
Probstfeld, Edgar G. Capt. KIA
Roetto, Lawrence J. 2 Lt. KIA
Schembri, Alfonse Sgt. FOD
Shepherd, Loren O. Pvt. KIA
Simpson, Phillip R. Pfc. KIA
Talburt, Rex E. Pfc. KIA
Tash, Lester R. Pvt. DOW
Taylor, Earl L. S-Sgt. DOI
Vogt, Clennon J. Sgt. KIA
Waller, Elmer G. S.-Sg. KIA
Williams, Billy C. Pfc. KIA
Woodell, Vernon E. Pvt. KIA

Research Note: The above list includes only casualties of those serving in the Army.

Submitted by: Betty Lamberson

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