Focus on Viola
Barry County, Missouri
The photograph is of a group of people at the old Viola Store. Penny Cooper Bailey and was the property of Mrs. Joe Garland.

On July 12, 2004 Penny received a note from Don Willyard. According to Penny, "Don says that while going through some of his mother's pictures he found a copy of the Viola Store picture (same as the photo below). On the back, in his mother's handwriting, is the following: "Viola store when owned by Grant McKee and where Lawrence worked as a boy." No date. "Lawrence was Don Willyard's father, and the Grant McKee (Ulysses Grant McKee born Oct. 27, 1869 in Missouri,died December 16, 1961, in Barry County, Missouri and buried at the Viola Cemetery, Viola, Barry, Missouri) would be his Dad's Uncle. (Note: "Lawrence was Mrs. Garland's brother)"

Donna's Note: Electric lights came to Cassville in 1905 and most of the rural towns around the area, like Washburn, got their first electric pole in or around 1910, so I would think that this photo was taken about 1910.

This photo circa 1900 was submitted by Penny Cooper Bailey and was the property of Mrs. Joe Garland.

The man standing behind the counter of the Viola Store is Earl Jessie McKee.
Viola Cemetery - AKA: McCullough & Kings
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