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Missouri became the 24th state on Aug. 10, 1821.
photo photo
1804 Territory of Missouri Map
1812 Territory of Missouri Map
1813 Territory of Missouri Map
1816 Territory of Missouri Map
1821 Missouri Map
1833 Missouri Map
1834 Missouri Map
1840 Missouri Map
1840 Missouri Map
1841 Missouri Map
1845-1846 Map of Barry Co., MO
1860 Map of Missouri
1861 Map of US
Map of Union and Confederate States
1886 Barry County Map - permission from Genealogy Hound
Unreliable Resource - This 1886 map has many towns that are marked in the wrong places!!!!
1909 Standard Atlas of Barry Co., MO
1930 Plat Book of Barry Co., MO
1953 Map, Barry and Lawrence Counties, MO
1972 Plat Map of Barry Co., MO
Township Chart - By Gerald Haddock
Online Version of Barry County Road Map
Cemetery Map by Shirley Clevenger, 1988
Place Names in Barry County
Barry County Maps - Historical Schools
Barry County - Historical Spots
Satellite Views - Historical

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