Views of Exeter in 1920
Barry County Missouri
All photos on this page were submitted by Pat Henry

The town of Exeter during the early 1920's
These pictures were taken from the roof of the grain elevator, showing an overall view of the town.
File Name Photo Details
Church1 Christian Church, Exeter, Missouri
Taken early 1900's (this one isn't from the roof of the grain elevator)
Exeter1 Taken as the Frisco Train was coming from the south into Exeter's Depot.

At the very right in the photo is Gaskin's Garage and Show. Across the street is the mill building. To the left of it is Taylor's Produce. In the far upper left background can be seen the Christian Church steeple
Exeter2 Exeter Depot in center and The Frisco Passenger Train This shows the main part of the town with the block of commercial buildings. On the right end of the block is where Pat's Grandfather's store "Kersey Bros." was. The block burned down around 1927 and was later rebuilt.
Exeter3 More of the main part of town. The Depot is on the right. Across from it is the Exeter Farmers' Exchange Flour, Feed and Produce. To the left of that is the C(E?) J. Ragain Lumber. Across the street is the C&E "Old #20" on the track and just to the right of it is the C&E passenger car that carried passengers for the "Frisco" to and from Cassville and Exeter. The Methodist Church can be seen in the background.
Exeter4 Looking East - In the left foreground is the Grain Elevator Roof, All of the pictures were taken from here.
Exeter5 The "Frisco" leaving Exeter. The 2 story building is the Exeter School House. To the left of it in the small grove of trees by the tracks is the section house. The white house on the right belonged to a family named West. The town baseball diamond was located just past the tree on the left side of the picture.
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