The Old Rumblin' Steamers
The Old Rumblin' Steamers
Exeter, Barry County, Missouri

By Mary Margaret (Kersey) Kochever March 1960

Submitted by her Daughter Patricia Henry

I frolic'd round the railroad tracks
When I was just knee-high
Was such a thrill to hear
The Whistlin' Steamers Rumblin' by

A little old red section house
It's white fence so white and neat
With it's grass and trees so pretty
T'was a setting that can't be beat

On down the way, a shady lane
By the tracks, violets grew all along
In a meadow nearby, cattle fed
And the bluebird sang his song

The children's laughter has long been gone
My Dear, there is so much to tell
Hoboes often stopped to drink
From a bucket out by the well

The memory of those carefree days
Somehow it always makes me sigh
For some will never know that thrill
Of the Whistlin' Steamers Rumblin' by

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