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The History of Exeter
Barry County Missouri

Contributed by Beverly (Painter) Matthews

Exeter, Missouri  is located four and one half miles west of Cassville, and nine miles from Panacea Springs.

( Note: Township 23, Range 28, was opened for entry, December 21, 1846 in Barry County, Missouri,  All the higher numbered sections were mainly disposed of before the close of 1859)

Exeter, Missouri, is located on the NW corner of the SE Quarter of Section 27, Township 23, Range 28.

The old timers have always insisted Exeter was named by early settlers which settled a short distance west of the present site of Exeter. These settlers came from Exeter, England before 1850.

El Paso, one of the old post-offices of the county, a few miles west of Exeter, gave way to the village of Exeter.

Exeter has the highest elevation of  Barry, Lawrence, Newton and McDonald County in Missouri.The elevation of Exeter, Missouri,  is 1572 feet above sea level.

The first plat of Exeter was made for George A. PURDY, and acknowledged by him, September 29, 1880.

The first addition to the plat of Exeter was platted by George PARRISH, and this plat was acknowledged, July 19, 1881,  by Green B. GREGORY.

Green B. GREGORY made a second addition  to Exeter, which was acknowledged October 21, 1883.

Exeter was known as a village in 1880-1881.The village of Exeter was incorporated February 7, 1881. The trustees appointed were: James STUBBLEFIELD, W. A. BASCHER, James M. NANCE, Miles T. ABERNATHY, and J. L. LEE.

The plat of  the village of Exeter was recorded  in October of 1880. The object of the establishment was to secure the county seat, which was located at Cassville, Barry County, Missouri. Cassville was made the county seat in 1845.

Twenty five years later a petition  was produced to bring this issue before the voters of the county. 1312 (1693 in all) legal and qualified voters signatures were required, more than one fourth of the legal and qualified voters of the said county. This election was held November 7, 1906.  Exeter lost in the final results of the election.

December 31, 1964, I. C. CANADA and 100 other citizens of  Exeter, applied to incorporate the community of Exeter, Missouri to the county Court at Cassville, Barry County, Missouri, to acquire all statutory authority for the city of their class. It was ordered that the community be incorporated and made a city of the fourth class by the name of the "City of Exeter".with a population of less than 3000, but more than 300.

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