Cassville Democrat May 12, 1965
Exeter Group Dinner

Members of the Exeter Cemetery Association met last week at Crowe’s Dinner House for the observance of the 60th anniversary of the association.

Present for the occasion was Mrs. Jean Stephens of Exeter, only living charter member of the association. In the group attending the meeting -

Front row above, left to right are: Mrs. Mary Painter, Mrs. John Elliston, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Chester McNabb, Miss Louise Lee, Mrs. Elvis Woodward, Mrs. Monta McKee, Mrs. Della Doyle, Mrs. Henry Hadley, Mrs. Henry Sorensen, Mrs. Marve Stephens, Mrs. Stella, Crabb, and Mrs. Faye Birkes.

Back row: Mrs. Offie Pitts, Mrs. Lee Cutherell, Mrs. Lois Miller, Mrs. Jim Sapp, Mrs. Olen Antle, Mrs. Bing Miller, Mrs. John Snook, Mrs. Glen Ross, Mrs. Joe Cole, Mrs. Charlie Catron, Mrs. Erskine Yarnall, Mrs. Jim Still, Mrs. Cora Journey, Mrs. Emma Canada and Mrs. Tom Coffee. Fields Photo
Resource: Cassville Democrat
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