Eagle Rock and Surrounding Areas
Barry County, MO

Eagle Rock, MO 1938

Submitted by: Linda Stephens McCormick

Eagle Rock Stores. The stone store building was built in 1910 by Richard Whittington and replaced the small frame store owned by Bill Ayres. The house on the hill by the road is the home of Noel and Jean Curry.

Submitted by: Sherill Easley

ID's by Patsy & Darla Marbut, L-R - 1-Man with horse is Newt Dell, 2-Houston Maloney, 3-William Farwell, 4-Albert Moors Farwell, 5-unidentified, 6-Gertrude Farwell m. to Charley Bradford, 7-Esta Farwell, 8-Eliza Jane Farwell, 9-Lilly May Farwell, 10-unidentified, 11-unidentified.

Darla Marbut said this: "At the time this 1885 picture was taken the Farwell's were the postmaster. My Great Grandfather Samuel HOUSTON Maloney was a mail carrier."

"Left to right: Man with the horse is Newt Dell, Samuel Houston Maloney the mail carrier, William Farwell (little boy by window) then Albert Moors Farwell, unidentified, Gertrude Farwell, Esta Farwell (little girl in front), Eliza Jane Farwell, Lilly Mary Farwell, unidentified, unidentified. Man in wagon unidentified."

Eagle Rock, MO 1940's

Submitted by: Linda Stephens McCormick

Swanson Grocery of Eagle Rock was owned by Warren and Wilma (Ball) Swanson.

Photo submitted by their daughter, Janice Swanson Boreing on Facebook, Barry County Places and Things Remembered.

Eagle Rock Swinging Bridge 1908

Submitted by: Linda Stephens McCormick

Note reads: "This is some of the Purdy folks on the bridge at Eagle Rock, MO. October, 1908"
[signed: Manford]


Swinging Bridge over Roaring River at Eagle Rock, MO. Circa 1940s. Submitted by: Linda Stephens McCormick


Munsey Swinging Bridge - No Date

The Munsey School house was located in front of what is now the Munsey Cemetery near Eagle Rock, MO. The school house stood on what is now the parking lot. The land was donated by the Munsey family for a school and cemetery. There once was a field across the road where the students played ball but it has washed away.

At the end of the field was a swinging bridge that the children used when Roaring River flooded. The swinging bridge is all gone now - except for a support that still remains, which now stands in the middle of Roaring River.
Historical Information
  1. The History of Eagle Rock
  2. Fox Hunting at Eagle Rock
  3. The Haddock House
Eagle Rock School Photos
Churches Businesses Below - Curry's County Store, Eagle Rock, sometime in the 1950's - On the back reads: "Located on Highway 86, on the upper end of new Table Rock Lake, halfway between Cassville, MO and Eureka Springs, AR. The one stop station that meets the needs of the tourist with gas, groceries, meals, post office, fishing tackle and souvenirs."

Cemeteries of Eagle Rock & Surrounding Areas
  1. Aldridge - AKA: Edie - Williamson
  2. Easley - E. of Eagle Rock
  3. Old Easley - AKA: Hickam Prairie - NW of Golden
  4. Farwell - SE of Eagle Rock
  5. Haddock - S. of Eagle Rock
  6. Liberty - SE of Golden
  7. Mano - N. of Mano
  8. Munsey - W. of Eagle Rock, near Roaring River
  9. Pace - Golden
  10. Roaring River AKA: Old Russell - Roaring River
  11. Viney Creek - NW of Golden
  12. Whittington - Munsey - W. of Eagle Rock, near Roaring River

Fields Photo

Submitted by: Betty Lamberson
Families of Eagle Rock & Around Eagle Rock Bible - Zachariah Haddock's Family
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