1930 Census Columns
Columns on the complete 1930 census.

Only those in bold have been included on the Pleasant Ridge Township Transcription
Additional information about why the column was not included is in Red

(1) Street, Avenue, Road, Etc.
(2) House Number (In Cities Or Towns)
(3) Number Of Dwelling House In Order Of Visitation [Number Supplied By Census Taker]
(4) Number Of Family In Order Of Visitation [Number Supplied By Census Taker]
(5) Name (Name Of Each Person Whose Place Of Abode On April 1, 1930, Was In This Family.)
(6) Relation (Relationship Of This Person To The Head Of The Family.)
(7) Home Owned Or Rented
(8) Value Of Home, If Owned, Or Monthly Rental, If Rented
      (Very few entries, Never is the value shown, only occasionally rent, usually $5, there was one at $10.)
(9) Radio Set
(10) Does This Family Live On A Farm? (Everone answered Yes)
(11) Sex
(12) Color Or Race (Everyone was White)
(13) Age At Last Birthday
(14) Marital Condition
(15) Age At First Marriage
(16) Attended School Or College Any Time Since Sept. 1, 1929
(17) Whether Able To Read And Write
(18) Place Of Birth: Person
(19) Place Of Birth: Father
(20) Place Of Birth: Mother
(21) Mother Tongue (Or Native Language) Of Foreign Born Citizenship, Etc.
(22) Year Of Immigration To The United States
(23) Naturalization
(24) Whether Able To Speak English
(25) Occupation, Trade, Profession, Or Particular Kind Of Work Done.
(26) Industry Or Business, As Cotton Mill, Dry-Goods Store, Shipyard, Public School, Etc.
(27) Class Of Worker
(28) Whether Actually At Work Yesterday Or The Last Regular Working Day (Yes Or No)
(29) Line Number For Unemployed
(30) Whether A Veteran Of U.S. Military Or Naval Force (Yes Or No)
(31) What War Or Expedition
(32) No. Of Farm Schedule

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