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Photo Collection

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Submitted by Julie Miller

Here is a photo of my Great Grandparents (wedding photo) circa 1904.    Elbert GREEN and Charlotte (Lottie) SUNDERMEYER. 
They lived in Hanley Falls, Yellow Medicine Co.
They had two children from Elberts 1st marriage, Joesph and Harry.
Also two children together, Elbert and Theodore.
They lived there until the 1930's when they migrated to Oregon.
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Submitted by Terry Biegert Schliewe

Canby School House - Second from left is my grandfather
James Edward Little, his sister Margaret "Dolly" Little
is the first girl standing up high on the left.  Not
sure of the year but my guess is about 1913 to 1915.
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Submitted by Antonia Hall

This is a picture of the family of Shadrach A. Hall, who was judge, Senator, and Sup. Of Schools in Wood Lake Minnesota, circa 1872. The people in the picture are as follows: Standing, (L to R): sons: Erwin A. Hall, Benjamin Hall, Charles F. Hall, and Albert Hall. Seated, (L to R) daughter: May Hall, wife: Leona Knapp Hall, daughter: Hattie Hall. Not sure of date of photo; I'd guess around 1910.
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