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The information on this site is from an old book, "The History of Wabasha County" published in 1884, which I inherited. The book is mainly concerned with Wabasha County, MN, but it also contains a significant portion, pages 1-436, on Winona County.

Why wasn't the book titled "The History of Wabasha and Winona Counties?" Through 1851, the entire area of Minnesota Territory from the present Goodhue County down to the Iowa state line and from the Mississippi to the western Dakotah Territory line was known as Wabasha County or Wa-pa-sha Prairie. (See Map) This book was written only thirty-three years later, and the practice of referring to this entire area as Wabasha was probably still in effect. That may be why Winona County wasn't included in the main title of this site's source book.

The section for Winona County which is on this site does not contain biographies as such, but it does present a fine history of the area as well as references to many pioneers and early settlers. There are also many vignettes describing the adventures and hardships of pioneer life. Visit the sister site for Wabasha County at "Biographies and Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota" for more information about the settlement of the area and about the Native Americans. Also, if you have biographies that you would like to contribute, I will place them on the Winona Co. Biography Project on this site.


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1910 Winona Street and Avenue Guide


When I began this project, I scanned the pages from these 41 chapters so they would be quickly available to researchers. However, scanned pages cannot be searched by using "Ctrl-f" or by using a search engine. On the other hand, words from transcribed pages can be picked up by search engines which makes it easier for people who are searching for specific words or names. Steve Thornton, Greg LaFavor, Kitty LaFavor and Kathryn Bryan have graciously helped with many of these transcriptions to speed along the publication of this material.

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