"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Tenth Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


Record of 10th regt. Minn. Vols. is as follows: Was organized in August, 1862, and stationed at the frontier posts until June, 1863, when it was ordered upon Indian expedition. Participated in the engagement with the Indians upon the plains, on July 24, 26 and 28, 1863. Was ordered to rendezvous at St. Louis, Missouri, in October, 1863, and went from there to Columbus, Kentucky, in April, 1864; from there to Memphis, Tennessee, in June, 1864; and was assigned to the 16th Army Corps. Participated in the following battles, sieges, skirmishes and marches: in the battle of Tupelo, July 13, 1864; Oxford expedition, August, 1864; and marched in pursuit of Price from Brownsville, Arkansas, to Cape Girardeau; thence they went by boat to Jefferson City; from there to Kansas line and back to St. Louis, Missouri. This regiment participated in the battles of Nashville, Tennessee, December 15 and 16, 1864; was at Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely in April, 1865, and was discharged at Fort Snelling, August 19, 1865.

The following is a correct list of names of volunteers from this county in that regiment:

Tenth Regiment Volunteer Infantry

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.

Chas W HacketCaptainCWabasha dsch for genl disbl by order 1864
Albert (S) Hopson1st LieutenantCPlainview prom Capt dsch dsbl 9/26/64
John Lathrop2nd LieutenantCElginpromo 1st Lt dsch 3/30/64
Wallace W Case1st SergeantCPlainviewpromo 2nd Lt dsch with regiment
Oliver (H) HolcombeSergeantCHighland dsch for promo to major in US colored infantry
John B RobinsonSergeantCElgindsch with regiment
Oliver (P) Crawford SergeantCElgindsch dsbl 10/7/62
Martin (W) Benschter (Bechter)SergeantCOakwooddsch dsbl 12/3/63
John W MurphyCorporalCGreenfieldkilled 12/16/64 in battle of Nashville
John M BurnhamCorporalCPlainviewpromo sgt dsch 4/4/65 for promo to USCI
Francis W KnappCorporalCHighland promo sgt dsch 1/1/65 for wnds received at Nashville (wnd in hand lost ring and little fingers)
James M CollierCorporalCGreenfield reduced to ranks dsch with regiment
Chas G DawleyCorporalCHighland promo sgt killed 12/16/64 at the battle of Nashville
Henry HippleCorporalCPlainviewpromo quartermaster dsch with regiment
Austin D Caroll (Carroll)CorporalCPlainviewkilled 12/16/65 at the battle of Nashville
Collins PrattMusicianCOakwooddsch with regiment
Octavus (Octavius A) LelandMusician C Elgin dsch with regiment
David Ackley WagonerCPlainviewdsch with regiment
Joseph Hewitt PrivateB Glasgow dsch 8/1865 absent
David Staples PrivateB Minneiska dsch 8/19/1865
M H Stevens Private B Mazeppa dsch5/26/1865 per order
Hiram Bemis PrivateCPlainviewpromo corp dsch dsbl 4/11/63
John W (M) BenthallPrivateCWabashadsch with regiment
Clarence BuckPrivateCPlainview dsch 8/19/65
Franklin (M) BuckPrivateCPlainviewdsch 1865 absent
Silas R BurpeePrivateCGreenfield straggled from ranks while marching in Arkansas never heard from since
Clarence (L) BurtchPrivateCPlainviewdsch with regiment
John Burton PrivateCHighlanddsch 8/1/65 absent
John Byrnes (Burnes)PrivateCHighlanddsch with regiment
William CanfieldPrivateCHighlandpromo corp dsch with regiment
Alanson (H) CasePrivateCOakwoodwnd Nashville 12/16/64 dsch with regiment
Joseph ChamberlainPrivateCElgindsch with regiment
Thomas (C) Clepperton (Cepperton)PrivateC Elgindsch with regiment
William CollinsPrivateCPlainviewdsch with regiment
David E CrossPrivateCElginpromo corp sgt dsch with regiment
Edwin CrossPrivate C Elgin dsch 4/29/1865 per order
Thomas J CrossPrivateCPlainviewpromo Musician dsch with regiment
Daniel (M) DavisPrivateCElgindsch dsbl 4/11/63
Wm R DavisPrivateCElgindsch dsbl 5/25/63
Edward DayPrivateCPlainviewdsch dsbl 5/25/63
Almon H DoegPrivateCPlainviewdied 12/19/64 of wnds rcvd at Nashville
George W DrewPrivateCWabashapromo corp dsch with regiment
Peter EricksonPrivateCOakwooddsch with regiment
David FoleyPrivateCOakwooddsch dsbl 8/15/64
Chas D Foster PrivateCPlainviewdsch with regiment
James G FosterPrivateCHighlanddied 3/5/65 at Memphis TN
Zelotus FosterPrivateCHighlanddsch dsbl 5/11/65
Gilbert HancockPrivateCElgindied 2/28/65 at Memphis TN of wnds rcvd at Nashville
Francis HarphamPrivateCMinneiskadsch 4/18/65 for wnds(ankle) rcvd at Nashville
Henry HarphamPrivateCMinneiska dsch 8/19/65
James W HayesPrivateCPlainviewpromo corp sgt dsch 8/19/65
Lewis JohnsonPrivateCPlainviewdeserted 12/1/62 at Ft Ridgely
Hans Juelson (Jaelson)PrivateCHighlanddsch with regiment
George W KnowltonPrivateCGreenfielddsch with regiment
Merritt (G) LawrencePrivateCPlainviewdied 3/26/63 at LeSueur MN
Albert LinstramPrivateCWautopa dsch with regiment
James W LockeyPrivateCPlainviewwnd Tupelo expedition dsch with regiment
James Mallinson Private C Watopa dsch dsbl 4/11/1863
Geo MathewsonPrivateCElgindsch dsbl 1/26/64
Edward (H) MattersonPrivateCHighlanddied 7/14/65 at New Orleans of small pox
Arthur Mckay Private C Elgin dsch 6/5/1865
James H McRayPrivateCElgindsch with regiment
Robt MoodyPrivateCElgindsch dsbl 10/5/64
David MullensPrivateCWabashadied 2/2/65 on hospital steamer D A January
Eusebius MullensPrivateCWautopadied 1/12/65 of wnds recvd in battle of Nashville
Christ NelsonPrivateCHighlandkilled 12/16/64 in the battle of Nashville
John NelsonPrivateCMinneiskatrans to veteran reserve corps 10/63
Royal W Olmsted PrivateCElgindsch 6/5/65
Lemuel (S) OrtonPrivateCMinneiskadsch 5/15/65
Charles OsgoodPrivateCPlainviewdsch 8/19/65
John ParkerPrivateCWabashadsch with regiment drafted
Josiah A PeckPrivateCPlainviewpromo corp sgt dsch with regiment
Otis Pomeroy PrivateCElgindsch with regiment
Wm M Purvis (Parvis)PrivateCPlainviewdsch 5/12/65
Geo C PutnamPrivateCMinneiskadsch 5/16/65
Nathan PutnamPrivateCMinneiskakilled 12/16/64 at Nashville
James M RoundsPrivateCElginabsent when dsch
John L Safford PrivateCPlainviewpromo corp dsch with regiment
Christian ShilsonPrivateCMinneiskadsch 6/24/65
Wm O SleeperPrivateCOakwooddsch 5/12/65
Henry SnyderPrivateCWautopadsch 1865 absent
Henry SouthwickPrivateCPepindsch with regiment
Henry StuartPrivateCHighlanddsch 7/17/65 absent
James K TaftPrivateCHighlandpromo corp dsch with regiment
Geo W TennyPrivateCPlainviewdsch dsbl 9/3/63
John ThompsonPrivateCPlainviewpromo corp sgt dsch with regiment
John TuftPrivate C Plainview dsch 8/19/1865
Ogden (D) WarnerPrivateCPlainview dsch with regiment
Horace (B) WhitingPrivateCWabashadsch 6/5/65
Francis H (M) Wildes (Wilde)PrivateC Greenfieldpromo corp dsch 1865 absent
Daniel Winter (Einter)PrivateCElgindsch dsbl 4/5/65
John D WinterPrivateCElgindsch with regiment
Wm W WrightPrivateCMinneiskadied 3/1/63 at LeSueur MN
Nathaniel YeomanPrivateCHighlanddsch dsbl 6/30/65
Daniel YoungPrivateCElgindsch dsbl 10/14/64
Solomon YoungPrivateCWatopa dsch 9/27/64 for wnds received at the battle of Tupelo
Ulric BergPrivateDWabashadied 10/1/64 at Memphis TN
John ReevesPrivate D Lake City died 12/18/1865 of wnds rcvd Nashville
Samuel MiddletonPrivateEPlainviewdied 2/25/65 at Memphis TN of wounds rcvd at Nashville
Charles Flemming PrivateFOakwoodkilled 12/16/64 at Nashville
August KruegerPrivateFMinneiskadrowned in Mississippi river 5/22/65
Bartholomew CostelloPrivateHPlainviewdsch with regiment
James PerkinsPrivateHOakwooddsch 8/19/65
Walter McNallan (M'Nallan)PrivateHHighlandpromo corp wnd in thigh dsch 8/19/65
Samuel Radabaugh PrivateHHighland Mustered but never joined company no record of discharge

The name Charles W. Hackett appears in the book but not on Jerry's list.