1920 Book: Biographies and Historical Sketches of Wabasha County (MN)

Published 1920

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H. C. COOPER, JR., & CO.

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          The aim of this work is to present in available form the facts which the average citizen desires to know about those events of the past that have been so important in making the county what it is today. To the recital of these events have been added the biographies of former and present citizens, giving a closer insight into the lives and work of the prominent actors in the events here depicted.
          No two editors would select the same material for a county history; opinions as to what such a work should consist of are varied. But we believe that we have selected such material as will prove of the greatest value and the greatest interest to the greatest number of people.
          In compiling this material the publishers have drawn freely upon the History of Wabasha County, published by H. H. Hill & Co. in 1884. Gathered nearly forty years ago, there is much information therein that is not to be obtained elsewhere at the present day. Other sources of information have been the local records of the county, villages, towns, churches and organizations, the publications of the state and of the Minnesota Historical Society, the files of the Wabasha County newspapers, and the contributions of individuals, both men and women who, through official position, or otherwise, were peculiarly well qualified to furnish the information desired. To all these, to the county officers, the members of the press, the pastors of churches, and others who have aided in the work, the publishers and editor, as well as the citizens of the county, now and in future years, owe a debt of gratitude.
          That the history is faultless we do not presume. It is probably not within the power of man to arrange a work of this kind without mistakes of one sort or another. But we believe that the merits and value of such a work overbalance whatever shortcomings it may have, and we feel assured that it will increase in value with the passing of the years.

H. C. COOPER, JR., & CO.
Winona, Minn., Nov. 1, 1920

Many of the biographies refer to the size of the farm on which the family lived.
Here is some related information:

        A section (one square mile) measures 27,878,400 square feet which equals 640 acres.
        An acre measures 43,560 square feet which is roughly 208.71 feet on a side.
        A half section (1/2) is 320 acres.
        A quarter section (1/4) is 160 acres.
        An "eighty" is an eighth of a section equal to 80 acres.


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The biographies and historical sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota, are being transcribed and posted here exactly as they appear in the 1920 book, "History of Wabasha County." As you read, you may notice a superior and demeaning attitude on the part of the writers toward the native Americans. This is extremely disturbing to me. Nevertheless, in the interest of presenting these writings accurately, I have not deleted or modified any entries. Let us remember that this book is part of the past and we live in the present. We cannot be held accountable for our ancestors' actions and attitudes, but we can live the lives we have been given with love and understanding for each other.

Adams, Carleton C.
Adams, Eugene W.
Adams, Leroy W.
Adams, William T.
Ahlers, Henry
Ahlers, Herman
Ahrens, John
Allen, Alfred R.
Allen, William C.
Almeter, Nicholas J.
Amerland, Gerhard H.
Amerland, Herman
Ames, Ernest R.
Ames, Archie G.
Amman, Lawrence
Amos, Charles S.
Anderson, Abram J.
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, H. Cowan
Anderson, John F.
Anderson, Mott M.
Anderson, William H.
Anding, Moritz
Anding, Charles F.
Anding, Sr., William
Anding, William H.
Angelbeck, John J.
Angelbeck, Henry
Appel, Frank J.
Appel, Stephen
Appel, William L.
Arendt, Nicholas
Arends, Arend
Arens, Matthew
Atkinson, Oliver P.

Bade, Edwin
Bade, Fred F.
Bade, Henry E.
Baker, Thomas F.
Baker, George W.
Baker, Jacob
Barnes, James
Bartholome, Rev. John N.
Bartz, Robert W.
Baskin, George K.
Bateman, John D.
Bayley, Emery H.
Becker, Arthur E.
Becker, Emil A.
Becker, Herman
Becker, John W.
Befort, John
Befort, William J.
Behrns, Julius A.
Bennett, Benjamin
Bennett, Frank L.
Benike, Gustav
Benike, William H.
Benn, Martin W.
Berktold, Engelbert
Berktold, John M.
Berktold, Theodore A.
Best, Andrew
Betcher, Edward L.
Betcher, Frederick
Beyer, Frank H.
Biever, Sr., John
Biever, William
Bievers, John C.
Bigelow, Francis M.
Bigelow, Howard H.
Binner, Andrew
Binner, Matt
Binder, Henry F.
Blattner, Edward
Blattner, John H.
Blattner, Sr., John
Blattner, Julius B.
Blattner, William L.
Blee, Bernard C.
Blohm, Henry H.
Blowers, Archie G.
Blowers, Morris L.
Boatman, Henry
Boatman, Wesley H.
Boehlke, Charles A.
Boehlke, Gustav E.
Beohlke, John
Beohlke, J. L.
Bolton, John F.
Bolton, Thomas G.
Bolton, Miller T.
Borst, Horace
Boss, Andrew
Boss, David
Boss, James
Boss, John
Bremer, Claus
Bricher, Nicholas Edward
Brinkman, Cord
Brinkman, Henry
Brown, Douglas
Brown, John C.
Brown, John E.
Brucher, Nicholas
Brueshaber, Christian
Brunkhorst, William H.
Brunkow, Herman
Brusehaver, Charles F.
Brusehaver, John
Bryant, Curtis
Bundy, Francis Foster
Bundy, William M.
Buol, Peter
Burchard, Rodman
Burkhardt, Alfred G.
Burkhardt, Henry
Burkhardt, Otto
Burkhardt, Rudolph
Burnham, George Henry
Burnham, Capt. John W.
Burnham, William
Burnham, William Henry
Busse, Jr., Fred
Busse, Sr., Fred
Butts, James J.

Callahan, Michael A.
Carley, Charles B.
Carley, James A.
Carleton, Charles W.
Carpenter, Timothy
Carrels, John
Carrels, William
Carstens, Peter
Casparis, Paul
Cassidy, William Wilson
Caswell, William
Christian, Charles, A.
Christison, George H.
Christison, James M.
Christison, John
Christopher, Ralph W.
Churchill, Eugene S.
Churchill, Warren G.
Clemens, William A.
Cleveland, Charles P.
Cleveland, John
Cliff, Joseph J.
Cliff, Menzie T.
Clough, Daniel D.
Clough, Ephraim
Colburn, Fred G.
Colby, Gardner A.
Colby, Jonathan
Colby, Loyal D.
Collier, Bratine
Collier, William D.
Colling, Charles W.
Cook, William
Copp, Thomas H.
Copp, Henry
Copp, Peter
Cornwell, Chauncy C.
Cornwell, Elijah R.
Cornwell, F. J.
Cosgrove, Patrick J.
Costello, John
Costello, Michael
Costello, Michael
Costello, Patrick
Cowles, Daniel B.
Cowles, Merton B.
Cronin, Patrick

Dankers, Deidrich
Dankers, Fred
Danckwart, Frank F.
Dankwardt, Fred J.
Dankwardt, Joachim
Danckwrt, John A.
Danckwart, William C.
Davis, Arthur H.
Delva, John M.
Deming, Edward J.
Deming, George H.
Deming, William G.
Denzer, Christian
Denzer, Fred
Dettrich, Ernest G.
Devery, Charles
Dewitt, Marion
Dickerman, Dorr
Dickman, Frederick C.
Dickman, George H.
Dill, John G.
Dill, John W.
Diming, Frank
Diming, Jr., Frank
Diming, George
Diming, William J.
Disney, William J.
Disney, Burton W.
Disney, John C.
Donaldson, Charles J.
Donaldson, Charles W.
Donaldson, John N.
Donaldson, William
Donohue, John
Dosdall, Fred
Dose, Fred H.
Dose, Lenhard C.
Doty, Eldon B.
Doughty, Asa B.
Doughty, Frank H.
Doughty, John C.
Doughty, Samuel
Drees, Herman
Dubbels, John H.
Duerre, George F.(obituary included)
Duerre, Henry
Duerre, Mathias T.
Duerrwaechter, W. P.
Duffus, John Alexander
Duncan, George
Dunn, Walter
Duncan, William L.
Dushek, Forest W.
Dwelle, Abner
Dwelle, Glenn M.
Dwelle, G. Merrill
Dwelle, Thomas L.

Earsley, Delbert E.
Edwards, Welford G.
Eggenberger, Christian
Eggenberger, Henry
Eggers, Henry H.
Eggers, John H.
Eggers, Joseph
Engel, Herman
Erding, Julius J.
Erickson, Martin
Evers, August
Evers, Bernard
Evers, Henry
Evers, Ignatz

Failing, Clarence E.
Failing, Simon
Fanning, E. S.
Fanning, Samuel
Ferber, Louis
Ferguson, Frank H.
Fetzer, Amos
Fick, Bernhard C.
Fick, Frederick
Fick, Frederick
Fick, Fred C.
Fick, William
Fick, Henry
Fieck, Jr., Otto
Fieck, Sr., Otto
Fisk, Blake C.
Fisk, Chauncy S.
Fisk, John T.
Fitschen, Diedrich
Fitzgerald, Bartholomew
Fitzgerald, Edward J.
Fitzgerald, Garrett
Fitzgerald, William
Foelsch, Albert J.
Foley, John R.
Foley, Michael
Ford, Edwin L.
Ford, Joseph
Ford, Orville D.
Ford, Paul L.
Foreman, George
Foster, Alonzo P.
Foster, Charles O.
Foster, Ernest V.
Foster, James E.
Foster, Samuel E.
Freer, Warner W.
Freese, John
Freese, Joseph B.
Freese, Joseph H.
Fremo, Edwin S.
Fremo, Evan C.
French, Andrew
French, Daniel R.
Fricke, A. J.
Fricke, Julius L.
Fuerstnau, Albert F.
Fuhrman, Carl
Fuller, Henry T.
Funke, Christopher
Funke, John L.
Funke, Lawrence H.
Funke, Nicholas
Funke, Robert

Gage, Herbert G.
Gage, John
Gage, Warren C.
Gaebe, Otto H.
Geim, Valentine
Gengnagel, Jacob L.
Gerken, Charles J.
Gilcreast, Hugh
Gilcreast, John
Gilcreast, Joseph
Gillespie, John
Gillooly, M. Frank
Goetsch, Alexander
Goetsch, Paul
Goetsch, Otto
Goetz, Albert G.
Goetz, August F.
Goetz, Jr., August F.
Goetz, Edward H.
Goetz, Ernest A.
Goetz, Fred G.
Goggin, Robert
Goihl, William
Goodman, John T.
Goodrich, Leroy A.
Gorman, John J.
Gorman, Mathias
Goss, Frank C.
Goss, Ziba
Gosse, Joseph
Governor, Peter
Graner, Lewis G.
Grass, Paul
Graves, Ralph E.
Gray, Henry R.
Gray, Louis
Gregor, James A.
Gregor, John
Grieve, David
Grieve, William H.
Grobe, Charles
Grossback, Fred
Grossbach, Ignatz
Grove, Martin A.
Guehlke, Fred W.

Hager, Bernhardt
Hager, William
Haggerty, Albert W.
Hall, Edward
Hall, Edward C.
Hall, Thomas F. (not in index)
Hampe, Henry
Hampe, Theodore
Hampel, Joseph
Hampel, Ferdinand
Har, John W.
Har, Felix
Harlan, Carl R.
Harlan, Charles
Harlan, Charles
Harlan, Ralph A.
Harney, Daniel
Harney, Thomas
Harrington, Dean D.
Harrington, George W.
Harrison, Baker
Harrison, Charles B.
Hart, Matthias J.
Harvey, Clyde F.
Harvey, John
Hassig, George F.
Hassig, Willie D.
Hazlett, Rev. Silas
Heagerty, William B. Jr. M. D.
Heise, Frederick
Helgerson, Cyrus G.
Hendricks, Marquis
Herman, Conradin W.
Herman, Edward A.
Herman, Henry H.
Herman, Reich, page 253
Herman, William
Hilger, Nicholas J.
Hinck, Hein D.
Hinck, John J.
Hinck, John Peter

Hodge, Arthur J.
Hodsdon, Thomas W.
Hoffman, John
Holst, Carl M.
Holst, Louis
Holton, Fred A.
Holton, Vincent
Holton, William Putnam
Holzer, Adolph D.
Holzer, Alois
Holzer, Clayton L.
Holzer, Edgar R.
Hoops, Henry L.
Horn, John
Horn, Merritt J.
Hostettler, John
Houghton, Carl V.
Houghton, David E.
Howatt, William
Howatt, William Ingraham
Howe, Frank and John
Howe, Jacob
Howe, John
Howe, Peter
Hubbard, Clarence A.
Hubbard, William A.
Huber, Albert
Huddleston, Alexander
Huddleston, Sr., Thomas
Huddleston, Jr., Thomas N.
Huddleston, William
Huffman, Ralph Waldron, M.D.
Hurd, Eben
Hurd, George E. (not in index)
Husby, John
Husser, Henry
Hustleby, Edward L.

Irish, Roy L.

Jacob, Charles
Jacob, Frederick
Jacob, George F.
Jacob, William
Jacobs, J.
Jacobs, Robert R.
Jacobs, William
Jacobs, William T.
Jacoby, August
Jenks, Marcus E. (obituary included)
Jenks, Samuel Levant
Johnson, Alfred L.
Johnson, August F.
Johnson, Edward Z.
Johnson, Frederick
Johnson, Harry A.
Johnson, Jonas
Johnson, Lloyd Kenneth
Johnson, Knud
Johnson, Knute
Johnson, Otto
Johnson, William S.
Johnston, William A.
Jones, David L.
Jones, R. E.
Juers, Henry P.

Kappler, Frank A., page 481
Keating, John, page 424
Keating, John R., page 425
Kelch, Frank F., page 724
Kelly, Patrick, page 364
Kemp, Francis H. (posted)
Kemp, Michael O., page 512
Kenitz, Alfred F., page 771
Kennebeck, Joseph A. (posted)
Kennebeck, Theodore (posted)
Kennedy, Arthur S., page 201
Keough, John (posted)
Keough, John E., page 302
Keough, William J., page 446
Kettner, John C., page 400
Killeen, George W. (posted)
Killeen, William (posted)
Kimber, Albert L. (posted)
Kinitz, Walter E., page 777
Kinney, Wesley (posted)
Kirkwood, James, page 595
Klassen Albert J., page 745
Klatt, Michael L., page 347
Klavetter, Robert C. (posted)
Klein, Bartholomew (posted)
Klein, John N. (posted)
Klennert, Ernest (posted)
Klindworth, Alfred (posted)
Klindworth, Claus (posted)
Klindworth, Dick (posted)
Klindworth, John A. (posted)
Knabe, John A., page 611
Knowlton, Asa O., page 553
Knowlton, holsey A., page 553
Koelmel, Charles T., page 596
Koenig, William (posted)
Koepsell, Harry J., page 764
Koopman, Bernard, page 455
Koopman, Clemmens, page 455
Kottschade, William H., page 361
Krause, Henry J. (posted)
Krinke, Albert (posted)
Krinke, Paul (posted)
Krismer, Wendelin (posted)
Kuehn, Lucas (posted)
Kuehn, Lucas M. (posted)
Kuhfuss, George E. (posted)
Kuhfuss, George W. (posted)

Labisky, Gust D., (posted)
LaCraft, John A. (posted)
Lager, Benedict (posted)
Lahey, James, page 302
Lair, Edward M., page 763
Lamb, Agustus H. (posted)
Lamb, Ezra G. (posted)
La Mont, George, page 704
Laqua, John (posted)
Laqua, William (posted)
LaRocque, Antwine, page 260
Larson, Edwin H., page 409
Larson, Elmer (posted)
Larson, Joseph, page 743
Laufenburger, Allen E., page 503
Lawrence, James G., page 368
Lea, Richard, page 300
Lea, William T., page 300
Lee, John H., page 687
Lefsen, Mathias, page 535
Leininger, John, page 245
Leonard, Hugh (posted)
Lewis, Jesse E., page 766
Link, John, page 647
Loechler, John S. (posted)
Loechler, Sylvester (posted)
Lohse, Herman E., page 373
Lorenz, Charles H. (posted)
Lothrop, Hugh L., page 575
Luhmann, John J. (posted)
Lunde, Louis C., page 532
Lydon, Daniel B., page 430
Lyon, John B., page 284
Lyon, William H., page 286
Lyons, Gustav H. (posted)
Lynch, Patrick, page 607

MacKenzie, Christie M. (posted)
McCarty, Abraham B. (posted)
McCarty, Gen. Seth L. (posted)
McClure, F. M. (posted)
McCracken, Robert G., page 621
McCracken, William, page 617
McCracken, Sr., William, page 616
McCue, William W. (posted)
McDonough, Alfred J. (posted)
McDonough, Andrew C., page 426
McDonough, Coleman C., page 428
McDonough, John (posted)
McDonough, Patrick (posted)
McDonough, Thomas E., page 426
McDowell, Herman J., page 565
McGillivray, Angus, page 408
McGowan, Hugh, page 589
McGowan, Hugh, page 614
McGowan, Maurice, page 615
McGrath, John (posted)
McGrath, Michael J. (posted)
McGuigan, James (posted)
McGuigan, Thomas W. (posted)
McNallen, Walter, page 288
Maas, Joseph (posted)
Maas, Theodore (posted)
Mack, George W. (posted)
Mack, Will G. (posted)
Mahoney, Cornelius C., page 609
Majerus, Nicholas J. (posted)
Maiwald, Henry C., page 772
Manchester, Monroe J., page 236
Mancilman, Charles H., page 479
Markus, Matthias (posted)
Markus, Peter L. (posted)
Markwardt, Fred H. (posted)
Marshall, Joseph W., page 661
Marshman, Henry C., page 543
Martin, James P., page 656
Martin, John S., page 620
Marx, Carl, page 456
Marx, Charles, page 760
Meincke, Adolph (posted)
Meincke, George J. (posted)
Meincke, Henry (posted)
Meincke, Henry J. (posted)
Melendy, Denison S., page 541
Melendy, Marcus D., page 542
Melvin, George P. (posted)
Melvin, Patrick (posted)
Merkens, John, page 457
Meyer, Baltz (posted)
Meyer, Carsten (posted)
Meyer, Charles (posted)
Meyer, John F. (posted)
Meyer, Henry A. (posted)
Meyer, William (posted)
Meilke, Albert, page 420
Miller, Herman, page 435
Miller, Louis, page 434
Miller, Thomas S., page 497
Millis, Amherst, page 581
Millis, Roy E., page 582
Mills, John A., page 269
Mills, Thomas, page 267
Mills, Walter N., page 268
Mischke, August (posted)
Mitchell, Paul L., page 747
Moechinig, Charles, page 347
Moechnig, Gottlieb, page 372
Moechnig, John G., page 374
Moechinig, Karl., page 371
Moechnig, Herman H., page 558
Moody, Lydia D., page 402
Moody, Nathaniel H., page 402
Moore, Thomas J., page 241
Morgan, Henry W., page 363
Morris, John F., page 590
Morris, Edwin D., page 592
Morrisey, John, page 726
Mueller, Rev. Francis X., page 527
Mueske, Gust, page 751
Mulcahy, Richard (posted)
Murdoch, John N., page 561
Murdoch, John W., page 562
Murray, Ralph V. (posted)
Mussell, August C., page 779

Nehring, George (posted)
Nei, George (posted)
Nepper, John P. (posted)
Nepper, Peter (posted)
Nettekoven, Frank J., page 322
Nibbe, Gustav H. (posted)
Nibbe, Herman G. (posted)
Nibbe, John (posted)
Nichols, Henry H., page 247
Nichols, Orville G., page 500
Nienow, Charles, page 293
Nolan, James W., page 344
Nordine, Charles G. (posted)
Nordine, John (posted)
Norton, James, page 584
Norton, Patrick T., page 690
Nygren, Carl, page 547
Nygren, Charles E., page 458
Nygren, Charles J., page 343
Nygren, Oscar W., page 445

O'Brien, Frank M., (posted)
O'Brien, James R., (posted)
O'Brien, John, (posted)
O'Brien, John S., (posted)
O'Connell, Herbert J., page 270
O'Connell, J. H., page 290
Oelkers, Hein (posted)
Oelkers, Henry A. (posted)
Oelkers, William B. (posted)
O'Laughlin, Martin J., page 655
Olin, Caleb W. (posted)
Olson, Albert (posted)
Olson, Gust, page 540
Olson, Ole, page 592 (posted)
Olson, Ole H. (posted)
Olson, Ole S. (posted)
Orcutt, Lemuel J. (posted)
Ordway, Benjamin S., page 478
Ordway, Elijah, page 477

Paine, John H., page 605
Palmer, Peter O. (posted)
Parkinson, James W. (posted)
Passe, Herman, page 353
Passe, John B., page 536
Passe, John B. and Henry, page 537
Patchin, Augustus E., page 405
Patchin, James, page 405
Pearson, Charles J., page 382
Pencille, Orrin, (posted)
Pencille, William D., (posted)
Pesch, Theodore M., page 501
Peshon, John, page 523
Peters, Alfred G., (posted)
Peters, Hans, (posted)
Peters, Peter, page 352 (posted)
Peters, Samuel, page 514 (posted)
Petersen, Daniel L., page 733
Peterson, John M., page 603
Peterson, Ole O., page 769
Petrich, Charles R., page 264
Pfeilsticker, Louis, (posted)
Pfeilsticker, Louis P., (posted)
Philley, David L., (posted)
Philley, John E., (posted)
Phillips, Louis A., page 502
Phillips, William, page 476
Pike, Joseph, page 627
Pike, Nelson C., page 628
Plein, John H., (posted)
Podein, Carl F., (posted)
Polson, Emric, (posted)
Polson, Paul J. (posted)
Polson, William O. (posted)
Posz, Albert D. (posted)
Posz, Charles (posted)
Posz, Jacob (posted)
Pretzer, George J. (posted)
Puetz, Paul (posted)
Pugh, David (posted)
Purcell, George J., page 642
Putnam, Alzis Z. (posted)
Putnam, Edgar W. (posted)
Putnam, William S. (posted)

Quigley, Martin
Quigley, Michael
Quigley, Stephen M.

Radabaugh, Jackson B. (posted)
Rahilly, Patrick H., page 432
Reding, Stephen J. (posted)
Reich, Henry W. (posted)
Reich, Herman (posted)
Reifkogel, J. W., page 250
Reifkogel, William, page 251
Reimers, John (posted)
Reincke, Dedrick, page 707
Reiter, Emil W. (posted)
Reiter, Julius (posted)
Reiter, William O. (posted)
Rheingans, Henry W. (posted)
Rheingans, Rudolph J. (posted)
Rich, Nie (posted)
Richardson, Charles S., page 403
Richardson, Clyde S., page 405
Richardson, Frank J., page 404
Richardson, Horatio G., page 392
Richardson, John Q., page 576
Richardson, Joseph, page 470
Richardson, Ralph W. (posted)
Richardson, William H., page 408
Richmond, Charles E., page 289
Richmond, George C., page 288
Riester, John (posted)
Rietman, Henry W. (posted)
Riley, Charles, page 672
Riley, John T., page 672
Ring, John F., page 611
Ritzenthaler, Albert W., page 362
Roberson, Frank B., page 715
Roberson, Henry H., page 714
Roberts, Alfred C. (posted)
Roberts, Francis H. (posted)
Robinson, John (posted)
Robinson, Samuel, page 593 (posted)
Rock, William, page 236
Rohweder, John (posted)
Rohweder, Bernhardt E. (posted)
Rolandt, Joseph, (posted)
Rollins, Irvin W., (posted)
Roschen, John, page 779
Roschen, Henry, page 778
Roschen, Louis H., page 623
Roseboom, Garrett, (posted)
Roseboom, John J., (posted)
Roseboom, Nathaniel A., (posted)
Rosolack, Albert, page 487
Rother, Charles (posted)
Rother, Charles J. (posted)
Rother, Edward V. (posted)
Rother, Gottlieb (posted)
Rother, William E. (posted)
Rucker, Martin J., page 685
Russell, George H., page 441
Rutz, Nicholas (posted)

Sader, Louis, page 354
Sanders, Otto, (posted)
Sass, Frederick, (posted)
Sass, Frederick A., (posted)
Sass, Lawrence E., (posted)
Schacht, William, page 450
Schad, August C., page 483
Schad, Christian, page 251
Schad, Christian, (posted)
Schad, Edward, page 363
Schad, Frank, page 252
Schad, Joseph J., page 688
Schad, Gottfried, page 687
Schafer, Peter, page 355
Schandel, August G., page 638
Scheer, Kaspar, (posted)
Schierts, Joseph, (posted)
Schleicher, Arthur, page 345
Schmeidberg, John M., page 449
Schmidt, Henry (posted)
Schmidt, John B. (posted)
Schmidt, John C., (posted)
Schmidt, John E. (posted)
Schmidt, Joseph (posted)
Schmidt, Joseph (posted)
Schmidt, Julius (posted)
Schmidt, Paul E. (posted)
Schmidt, William C. (posted)
Schmoker, William J. (posted)
Schneider, Michael, page 460
Scholte, Frederick, page 645
Schouweiler, Nicholas (posted)
Schroeder, Henry G. (posted)
Schroeder, Herman C. (posted)
Scruby, Levi E., page 587
Schulz, August, page 327
Schultz, Edward J., page 468
Schultz, Ernest E., page 374
Schultz, George, page 635
Schultz, John E., page 391
Schultz, William, page 468
Schumann, Frederick C. (posted)
Schumann, John (posted)
Schurb, Joseph H. (posted)
Schurhammer, George (posted)
Schurhammer, Joseph (posted)
Schuth, Anton, page 667
Schwantz, Alfred J. (posted)
Schwantz, Emil (posted)
Schwedes, Henry, page 677
Schwirtz, Andrew, page 620
Schwirtz, George, page 583
Scott, Alexander (posted)
Scott, Briney (posted)
Searles, De Wane (posted)
Searles, John E. (posted)
Searles, William (posted)
Seivert, Nicholas P. (posted)
Sell, Emil J., page 511
Sexton, John (posted)
Seymour, Alfred, page 278
Seymour, Harvey, page 277
Shade, John C., page 649
Shields, Patrick (posted)
Shierts, Jr., John (posted)
Shore, Chalmer S., page 683
Siem, C. H., page 525
Siem, John D., page 334
Siercks, Otto C. (posted)
Siewert, Alfred J., page 700
Siewert, Carl, page 450
Sinclair, Colin (posted)
Sinclair, Leon C. (posted)
Slawson, Arthur W. (posted)
Slauson, Daniel C. (posted)
Smith, Augustus (posted)
Smith, Ervin E., page 244
Smith, Frank F., page 276
Smith, Harry D. (posted)
Smith, Hiram, page 242
Smith, Hugh R., page 517
Smith, Milton, page 243
Smith, Robert G., page 359
Smith, Russell M. (posted)
Smith, William H. (posted)
Spaulding, Addison R. (posted)
Sprenger, Jacob J. (posted)
Sprick, Fred (posted)
Sprick, Henry (posted)
Sprick, Christopher (posted)
Springer, John C. (posted)
Springer, Louis (posted)
Springer, William (posted)
Squire, George H. (posted)
Squire, Yale H. (posted)
Stage, Julius E. (posted)
Stamchror, Anthony V., page 614
Stamschror, Anton, page 744
Stamschror, Henry, page 613
Starz, Albert, page 765
Staudacher, Gustave (posted)
Steffes, Bernard, page 686
Stegner, Jacob M. (posted)
Stegner, Theodore (posted)
Stehr, John (posted)
Steinke, Mrs. Elizabeth, page 480
Stephan, August, page 279
Stephan, August G., page 280
St. Jacque, Prosper (posted)
Stodart, George J., page 252
Stohrman, Frederick (posted)
Stokes, Edward, page 291
Stoltz, August, page 237
Stoltz, G. Adolph, page 237
Stowell, Albert D. (posted)
Stowell, Francis A. (posted)
Stranberg, Ernest J. K., page 659
Strauss, Henry F., (posted)
Strehlein, George V., page 249
Sugg, Joseph, page 249
Sullmann, Joseph, page 463
Sullivan, Jeremiah, page 777
Sullivan, Michael J., page 755
Sundquist, Louis O., page 585
Sutter, Robert, page 356
Swanson, Albert L., page 234
Swanson, Charles A., page 754
Sweeny, Michael, page 735
Sylvester, Byrl E. (posted)
Sylvester, Edwin L. (posted)
Sylvester, Hettie L. Dillon (posted, not in index)
Sylvester, George F. (posted)
Sylvester, Geo. W. (posted)

Taylor, Frank A. (posted)
Tebor, John W., page 675
Tentis, Frank J. (posted)
Tentis, Jacob J. (posted)
Thiele, August (posted)
Thierstein, Frederick (posted)
Thurman, Elmer J., page 280
Tiedemann, Henry (posted)
Timm, George, page 363
Titterington, Jr., James A. (posted)
Titterington, Sr., James (posted)
Tobias, Martin H. (posted)
Tomforde, John (posted)
Tomforde, Louis W. (posted)
Tradup, Charles (posted)
Trank, Fritz O., page 444
Tupper, Frank H., page 741

Umbreit, Christ F. (posted)
Umbreit, Henry (posted)
Utigard, Henning E. (posted)
Utigard, Knute E. (posted)
Utter, Alex M. (posted)

Van Horn, William H., page 240
Venables, Charles A., page 317
Vermilya, George H., page 313
Villwock, August F., page 496

Wadley, Francis J. (posted)
Wadley, Jr., Michael H. (posted)
Wagner, Gottlieb (posted)
Wagner, Lawrence (posted)
Wagner, Peter W. (posted)
Wahler, Frederick B., page 306
Walch, John, page 460
Wampach, Anton, page 668
Washburn, Frank D. (posted)
Washburn, Henry T. (posted)
Washburn, Lyman (posted)
Waste, John Pratt, page 317
Waterman, Clarence L., page 307
Watson, James T. (posted)
Watson, John W. & Arlo J. (posted)
Webb, W. B., page 461
Wedge, Ernest A. (posted)
Wedge, Eugene C. (posted)
Wedge, Henry D. (posted)
Wedge, Horatio (posted)
Wedge, James R. (posted)
Wehrenberg, Charles (posted)
Wehrenberg, Edward (posted)
Wehrs, Jr., Henry, page 361
Weir, Marshall C., page 462
Welch, Samuel D. (posted)
Welles, Franklin A., page 309
Welti, Henry (posted)
Welti, John (posted)
Welti, John (posted)
Welti, Phillip (posted)
Wempner, Henry E., page 358
Wentworth, Aretus M., page 519
Wentworth, Clinton D., page 518
Wentworth, David, page 276
Wentworth, judson T., page 531
Whipple, Wallace M., page 718
Whitcomb, Walter H., page 308
White, Robert, page 670
Wilde, August J. (posted)
Wimmer, Max C., page 641
Winters, Chester J. (posted)
Winters, John E. (posted)
Wirtz, Nicholas, page 774
Wise, Charles, page 497
Wise, Edward, page 498
Witte, Joseph, page 736
Witte, Leo (posted)
Witte, Theodore, page 736
Wodele, Henry (posted)
Wohlers, Albert R. R. (posted)
Wohlers, Henry (posted)
Wolf, Henry, page 523
Wood, David J., page 407
Wood, John H., page 762
Wood, Orren, page 480
Wood, Peter C. (posted)
Wood, Richard L., page 406
Woodcock, A. C., page 305
Woodruff, Edward A., page 492
Woodward, William D., page 398
Woodward, William H., page 399
Wright, James H., page 636
Wurst, Henry J. (posted)
Wurst, Joe L. (posted)
Wyatt, Charles L., page 758

York, Edward M.
York, Edward N.
York, Walter E.
Young, Charles

Zarling, August F. (includes Albert Miller, father-in-law)
Zarling, Herman
Zarling, William
Zickrick, Arnum
Zickrick, Edward W.
Zickrick, Royal E.
Zickrick, Silas
Zillgitt, Otto L.


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