Aerial view of the Baltic spa town of Heringsdorf. Postcard of Axel Kornfuehrer.

View of the beach hotel. Postcard of Axel Kornfuehrer.

This postcard was written on in English, but never stamped or sent.
On the front: Stettin beach and the dancing palace Germany.
(Heringsdorf Cure House. Aerial view)

On the back: Sept-16-1923 U.S.S. Pittsburgh, Stettin, Germany
This is the place where I go in my first liberty. I came to this
place and I enjoy this beach very much for this is very good place
only in the city. They have dancing, cafe, bar, and swimming pool
just only around the sides. (Postcard of Jan and Jerry Savage)

A view of the armored cruiser Pittsburgh mid 1920's.

An old postcard of Heringsdorf