Photos from Christa Sobczak 2003.

The church.

The pastor's house.

Old postcard of the von Wedel manor in Vehlingsdorf, destroyed after 1945. From Vita von Wedel.

Church in Vehlingsdorf, with a new altar and old windows, donated by
the von Wedel family. Photo by Juliane Heuermann, 2006.

In the church: A memorial plaque for a father (Ludwig, died 1831)
and son (Albert Carl Hermann, died 1876) von Wedel. "Gewidmet in
treuer Liebe u. dankbarer Erinnerung von den trauernden Gattinnen
und Kindern." = "Dedicated in true love and grateful memory by the
grieving wives and children." Photo by Daniela von Wedel, 2006.

Photos by Gene Maas 2007. See also:

1859 is carved into the rock above the center window

Door detail

Some of the beautiful stained glass windows.

The cemetery

Some of the old German markers in the cemtery.