The estate of Kannenberg, today Kania, just a couple of miles from
Freienwalde, used to belong to the same branch of the von Wedel
family for 600 years, from around 1330 until 1945.

Kannenberg village, the road from Freienwalde to the von Wedel
estate. The church is on the left. Photo by Henning v. Wedel 1990.

Village road towards Freienwalde. Photo by Henning v.Wedel 1994

Kannenberg church. Photo by Henning v.Wedel 2001

Inside Kannenberg church after a thorough restoration in 1935, which
revealed colorful medieval decorations on the beams."

The von Wedel manor house, seen from the farmyard in a pre-1945 watercolor.

The manor house seen from the farmyard. Photo by Vita v.Wedel 2006.

The house seen from the park in a pre-1945 watercolor.

The house seen from the park. Photo by Vita v.Wedel 1991.