Photos by Daryl Wunrow 2004.

Photos by Don and Lana Larsen 2006.

The Polish sign for Reselkow, at the intersection with highway to Roman/Ryman


Village entrance

Church interior, Black Madonna

Entrance at rear and balcony steps

Altar; circular chandelier

Altar, ready for Sunday mass

Altar area

From balcony; chandelier; modern projection equipment

Exterior of church


Saturday sweeping up, with homemade twig broom

Bouquets for Sunday

Reselkow neighbor and gracious hostess Helena, with Anetta and Lana

Helena's tile furnace

Anetta, Lana at Helena's dining table

Drying wild mushrooms, apples and chestnuts

Church exterior

Village intersection

Village yard

Cobblestone road into Reselkow