Rose garden and beach castle. 1931. Postcard of Paul Sternberg.

Light house with harbor entrance. By wind force of 9. Postcard of Trudy Hawley.

Greetings from Kolberg. Munder fort with Lootsen station. 1901. Postcard of Trudy Hawley.

Lootsen office and mole. 1907. Postcard of Trudy Hawley.

The Kolberg Cathedral. Picture of Jan Savage 2002.

The doors of the Cathedral. Picture of Jan Savage 2002.

Photos by Daryl Wunrow 2004.

Postcards of Axel Kornfuehrer.

The Rose garden in Kolberger Cure Park

The Beach Palace

The Beach Palace and dance area

The music pavillion

View from the mole to the beach

Lotsen Station lighthouse

Photos by Don and Lana Larsen 2007

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