Postcard of Axel Kornfuehrer

Mill Street, Tribseeser gate, and St Mary's Church.

Photos from the book: Heimatbuch fuer den Kreis Grimmen 1968.

A drawing of Grimmen from 1618.

A panoramic view of Grimmen

The Stralsunder Gate from the outside

Mill street

A view of the town hall and marketplace from the church tower

Long street with the Tribseeser Mill Gate

The Ratskeller next to the town hall


View of the altar from the balcony of the Marienkirche

The pulpit in the Marienkirche

Photos of the Marienkirche 2011, by Don and Lana Larsen.

The Marienkirche in Grimmen was founded in the 13th century and restored completely 1976/77.

Don Larsen at front door of Church

Wood-Carved Pulpit 1707

Baptismal Font

A Pieta, on loan from the church in Stoltenhagen, also part of the Grimmen parish

Carved wooden pews 1586/1590. Here is where the manor owners,
patrons of the church, would sit.

The 19th century altar is modeled after the cathedral in Greifswald.

The interior door

A church history plaque for visitors on an exterior wall

An architectural sketch showing historical building additions

The city gate

Within the city wall