The land around TŁtz was given to the von Wedel family in the early
14th century to be colonized. The little village received its city
charter around 1306 through the family. In 1338 the Wedels began
building the castle. In the following years and decades the village
and the Wedel family found themselves in the midst of border
quarrels and land wars between Brandenburg, Pomerania and Poland. In
1364 the town was ransacked and looted by the Polish army, in 1386
the Bandenburgian Margrave Otto the Lazy (Otto der Faule) agreed
that the lands should be annexed from Poland.

In 1546 the Wedels introduced Reformation to the town and it became
protestant, but in 1593 Christoph von Wedel re-introduced
Catholicism to TŁtz, had the town mayor decapitated and thus started
a religious revolt in town which lasted for more that 10 years. Many
inhabitants who wanted to stay protestant, left. During that time
the catholic TŁtz branch of the family assumed the name TuczyŮscy
and pledged allegiance to Poland.

In 1608 - 1631 the Wedels continued extending the castle, adding the
left wing. In 1718 the last male member of the Wedel Tuczynscy
family died, the castle subsequently changed hands often.
In the last months of WWII the village and the castle were
destroyed. The castle stood as a ruin until the early 1960s when the
Architectural Association of Poland decided to rebuild it and use it
as their vacation resort. Nowadays it is run very successfully as a
hotel and is open to the public.

Castle TŁtz. Postcard of Axel Kornfuehrer.

The castle ruin in 1961. Photos from Vita von Wedel.

TŁtz castle in 2006.

The von Wedel family in front of TŁtz Castle in September 2006.

TŁtz Castle in 2005. The black and white stucco on the left wing is
an idea of the Polish Architectural Association who rebuilt the
castle after 1961.

Inside TŁtz Castle in 2005. The furniture and antlers seems to have
been brought here from other castles or manors in Pomerania.

This elborate large von Wedel family tree was handpainted by Clara
von Wedel of Klaptow Manor (around 100 kilometers north of TŁtz) in
1906. Klaptow Manor still stands today, the family tree must have
been brought here for a little "Wedel touch" in the rebuilt TŁtz
Castle, although most of the family members in this chart have no
connections to the TŁtz family branch.

Detail of the von Wedel coat-of-arms.

The gate separating the castle grounds from the village with the church.

An old postcard from 1902.

The town crest. Photo by Vita von Wedel 2005.

The von Wedel family in the churchīs entrance hall. Photo by Juliane Heuermann 2006.

Inside the TŁtz Church, the priest welcoming the family.

The Wedel crest on the altar, 17th century.

The stunning organ. Photo by Juliane Heuermann 2006.

TŁtz village. Photo by Randall von Wedel 2006.

TŁtz castle before 1945. Photo from the Schlochauer Heimat Stube in Northeim, Germany.