Photos by Vita von Wedel 2007.

The village of Zühlsdorf is said to have been founded by Zules or
Zulis von Wedel (hence the name) in the late 13th or early 14th century.


Main Street

I was there on a Sunday morning, the people of the village were
starting on their way to church.

Altar view

Balcony view


So I didn´t spend too much time in and around the church, although I
was searching for a very odd family monument that had been all but
forgotten. The Polish historian Grzegorz Brzustewicz found it and
wrote about in one of his books: An ancient marker of the von Wedel
family claim to this village. It understood it was "near the church"
but I couldn´t find it there. On my way out of the village I found
it - about 100 meters from the church, next to the main road:
a large "Findling" (glacial rock) roughly carved to resemble the von
Wedel crest, the wheel.

The carved wheel measures about 78 x 112 centimeters. Impossible to
date it, but quite likely it was made (and not finished) around the
time of Zulis von Wedel, around the year 1300.

For comparison: here is a very similar form of the von Wedel family
crest from 1829. The figure in the middle is a later addition.