Photos by Vita von Wedel 2007.

On my search for the historic outworks or small farms to service the
outlying fields of the vast lands of Neuwedell, the places that the
von Wedel family retired to after Neuwedell Castle had been
destroyed for good in the 18th century, I was delighted to find the
tiny village of Schlossgut, today called Podegrodzie.

There are just very few other houses along the road, and this
overgrown farm yard surrounded by very old derelict farm buildings.
It seemed like something out of a fairy tale... The manor house was
just the right size, I thought, not too large, not too small, and it
seemed as if it wasn┤t too long ago that someone had lived in it. It
stood empty now.

Somehow the peeling paint had an aesthetic charm all of its own.

The door handle had been removed and a peek through the small hole
showed another locked door without a handle.

Looking down along the slightly sloping yard to the old farm
buildings and barns.

... and into the countryside...

... and into one of the farm buildings.

Suddenly there was this small elderly man, who turned out to speak
perfect German, as he was from the German minority in Pomerania who
had just weathered the times. He told me that someone had recently
bought Schlossgut (I couldn┤t find out if it was someone from Poland
or from another country) who had promised to start renovation work
in this very week. He thought that I was the buyer. I said no, but
how beautiful I thought the place looked. "It once was beautiful",
he answered, "it isn┤t any more."