Photos by Ervin and Elizabeth Oehlke 2006.

Wood on the edge of town. Koki in Polish means logs.

Fertile farm land outside of town

Burning potato vines along the road to Rohrbeck

The tree lined road leading into Rohrbeck

The old cobblestone mainstreet

The remains of the old town stone wall along the cobblestone street

The von Schuckmann family mansion ruin.

The old barn on the von Schuckmann estate

The street leading to church

The Rohrbeck church built in the 1870´s of stone and brick by the von Schuckmann family.

The church

The elaborate stonework and the stained glass windows

The window with the von Schuckmann family crest on the left and the
von Behr family crest on the right. - Otto von Schuckmann of
Rohrbeck (1824-1902) and Elisabeth von Behr of Behrenhof (1831-1895)
had married in Elisabeth´s native Behrenhof in 1850, and they lived
in Rohrbeck mansion. They were the patrons who built the church.

The von Schuckmann family crest on the wall inside the church.

The altar inside the church