An original view of the town of Reetz around the year 1650 by
Matthäus Merian. The Church of St.Catherine is on the right. The von
Wedel family used to be the lords of the town from the 14th to the
late 18th century. During that time the town crest contained the von
Wedel family crest, as seen here in the top right hand corner.
Photos from Vita von Wedel.

St.Catherine´s Church June 2006.

St.Catherine´s church inside June 2006.

On the 17th century altar: A herold holding the old Reetz town crest
with the Brandenburg red eagle and the von Wedel family crest. June 2006.

The von Wedel family in the church with the town mayor Mr.Zbigniew
Ligus and the Polish historian Dr.Grzegorz Brzustowicz, who has
recently written a book on the history of Reetz. September 2006.

Young Polish boys who have formed a troupe of von Wedel knights some
years ago. Their website: . Here they
are expecting today´s von Wedel family in front of St.Catherine´s
church in September 2006.

von Wedel family members chatting with the young Polish Wedel knights September 2006.

Pre-1945 postcard with a view from the church tower.

Views around Reetz. Photos from Ellen Kortz 2008.