Sand Valley Lutheran Cemetery

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Sand Valley Lutheran Cemetery

Section 31, Gully Township

Southeast edge of Trail, MN


Erected in memory of Lloyd E. and Jeanette I. Erickson - 1982

Picture and Cemetery Listing provided by Joy Paulson, June 2006 - Thank you Joy!


info prefaced by (*) means info was added to original cemetery listing  from another source

Anderson Alfred 1872-1948 For more info contact  Bev Anderson
Anderson Charles Leo 1919-1975 For more info contact  Bev Anderson
Anderson Esther (*Clara) 1885-1947 For more info contact  Bev Anderson
*Unmarked Grave (info added Aug 2006 from info from descendant)



*William Henry

*Floyd Edmund

*2 Dec 1843 - 21 Mar 1934

*dates unknown

*Descendant Bev Anderson states this is William Henry Rodman, (William Henry Rodman was born 2 Dec. 1843, Schoharie County, New York; died 21 Mar. 1934, Trail, Gully Twp., Polk Co., MN.)  William Rodman was the father of Esther Clara (Rodman) Anderson,  and is buried next to them, without a headstone, and an infant son of Alfred and Esther's, Floyd Edmund Rodman (Floyd was born 28 Oct 1928 and died 31 Oct 1928 Trail Gully Twp, Polk Co., MN) is buried in the same plot, also without a headstone. 
Anderson Patsy A. 1934- living *unrelated to above Anderson
Anderson Stanford G. 22 Oct 1936 -24 Jan 1998 PFC US Army  *unrelated to above Andersons
Berg Arne S. 4 Feb 1907-21 Nov 1977 CPT, US Army - World War II
Bergh Helmer K. 10 May 1889-15 Aug 1948  
Bjerklie Clarence 4 Apr 1902-28 Feb 1965 Father
Bjerklie Josie 30 Aug 1910-9 Jun 2001 Mother
Brekke Leona 18 Nov 1918 - living  
Brekke Lloyd E. 1 May 1918-13 Dec 1957  
Brekke Margaret Olson 1905-1935  
Brekke Norris K. 16 Jan 1916-13 Jan 1977 PFC US Army - World War II
Brekke Olaus M. 16 Dec 1875-15 Jun 1950 Father
Brekke Turine O. 3 Jan 1884-1 Nov 1968 Mother
Caswell Agnes O. 1899-1986 Mother
Caswell Albert E. 1893-1945 Father
Caswell Lee 1975 infant son of Joseph and Betty
Christopherson Helmer G. 1908-1978  
Christopherson Mavis I. 1909-1999  
Dahl Helga S. 1885-1965  
Dahl Helmina 1883-1963  
Dahl Ione Geraldine 1916-1920  
Dahl Jacob H. 1864-1938  
Dahl Joseph A. 1884-1962  
Dahl Malvin A. 1880-1942  
Dahl Orville P. 1918-1938  
Danielson Daniel 1870-1956  
Danielson Sigrid D. 1869-1956  
Eck Idella H. 1924-1994  
Eck Lorenzo B. 1924-2000  
Erickson Jeanette I. 6 Sep 1913-5 May 1975  
Erickson Lloyd E. 14 Mar 1911-15 Mar 1982 PFC, US Army - World War II
Evje Doris 1923-living md. 11/6/1947
Evje Lester A. 7 Nov 1924-18 Jun 1995 SGT US Army - World War II - md. 11/6/1947
Flateland Anna 1878-1948 Mother * of brothers Knute Flateland and Theodore Flateland
Flateland Etta M. (*Margaret) 16 Apr 1914-9 Nov 1981 Allen, Kathleen, Bradlee, Olin, and Annette

* Etta Flateland was born Etta Margaret Anderson, and she was the daughter of Alfred John Anderson and Esther Clara Rodman.  Contact Bev Anderson for more information

Flateland Helen E. 20 Aug 1921-21 Mar 1989  
Flateland Keith 13 May 1936-22 May 1936  *son of Knute and Etta (Anderson) Flateland
Flateland Knute 4 Apr 1901-1 Apr 1997 md 4/21/1932 - parents of Arley, Howard, Keith (see Etta)
Flateland Ole 1866-1953 Father * of brothers Knute Flateland and Theodore Flateland
Flateland Svein K. 1871-1927  *younger brother of Ole Flateland
Flateland Theodore 1911-1991 Son
Grover Anna  9/26/1853-1/18/1923  
Grover Clarence A. 1908-1997  
Grover Fred 1874-1940  
Grover Henry B. 9/21/1889-7/25/1966  
Grover Lizzie A. 9/19/1896-4/7/1962  
Grover Marvin L. 8/30/1940-2/6/1989 SP4 US Army
Grover Milton W. "Mickey" 1954-1983  
Grover T.N. 9/19/1846-8/28/1917  
Halvorson Carl M. 4/2/1894-10/29/1961 Minnesota, PVT, CO B, 387 INF, 97 DIV - World War I
Halvorson Dennis L. 5/6/1927-9/4/1990 US Army - World War II
Halvorson Gunda R. 1901-1978  
Halvorson Marilyn 1935-living  
Halvorson Vernon K. 6/20/1922-4/16/1966 MN, PFC, 306 Bomb GP, Army Air Force - World War II
Hamrey Tallof T. 4/10/1895-2/21/1963 CPL, CO A, 19 FLD ARTY - World War I
Handy Arthur W. 10/22/1904-6/26/1982 Husband and Father
Handy Johnnie T. 10/1/1902-2/21/1992 Husband and Father
Handy Mathilda A. 10/15/1904-9/18/1997 Wife and Mother
Handy Vern Arthur 10/23/1941-1/31/1964 Minnesota, FN US Navy
Hanson Gloria E. 1/28/1923-3/28/1923  
Hanson Henry 6/1/1881-12/26/1956  
Hanson Reuben S. 10/18/1893-8/8/1927  
Haug Theresa Amanda 1873-1953  
Haugan Alma R. 1907-1983  
Haugan Carrie 1878-1963  
Haugan Kittil H. 1866-1948  
Hoff Clarence  8/2/1902-7/4/1956 Son
Hoff Kari 12/30/1870-5/23/1947 Mother
Hoff Ole 9/9/1863-12/25/1930 Father
Hovelsrud Lorena E. 1916-2002  
Hovelsrud W. Vernon 1908-1992  
Jacobson Albert  1/8/1893-12/23/1959  
Jacobson Jacob  12/19/1859-3/19/1938  
Jacobson Nellie 4/24/1862-3/6/1925  
Jacobson Peder 2/19/1887-2/4/1934  
Jacobson Tillie 3/18/1892-4/9/1970  
Johnson Violet Bertina 10/3/1926-11/14/2004  
Kverness Seming 1867-1947  
Larson Ella 11/3/1891-7/12/1982  
Larson Lewis S. 11/6/1897-9/15/1974  
Larson Stark J.E. 1865-1940 Father
Last First Dates by M/D/Y  
Lie Hallvard 1888-1966  
Lie Paul John 1934-1979  
Lie Signe B. 1903-1995  
Lund Alf O. 11/9/1911-4/17/1987  
Lund Ann H. 1912-1972  
Lund Arthur Melvin 10/27/1916-1/21/1929  
Lund Carl T. 1877-1956 Father
Lund Deloris V. 10/28/1919-8/7/1986  
Lund Hans M. 12/11/1913-11/26/1984  
Lund Hans T. 1875-1925  
Lund Henry G. 1909-1989  
Lund Hilda O. 1884-1955 Mother
Lund Ingella 1904-1992  
Lund Mabel 2/13/1907-1/19/1915  
Lund Myrtle G. 1912-1991  
Lund Ole T. 1873-1938  
Lund Thor C. 1905-1967  
Mathsen Irene S. 1906-1995  
Mathsen Melvin G. 1901-1983  
Moy George 6/29/1916-6/27/1983  
Moy Hazel 12/30/1906-2/19/1977  *Hazel Moy was born Hazel May Anderson, and she was the daughter of Alfred John Anderson and Esther Clara Rodman. Contact Bev Anderson for more information
Moy J. Ordell 10/11/1926-6/24/1943  
Moy John 3/11/1899-8/24/1983  
Moy Knute J. 1874-1957  * Husband of Thora Moy and Father of John, Olaf, Ole, and George Moy
Moy Olaf 5/27/1906-4/8/1965 CPL, 247 Base Unit, Army Air Force - World War II
Moy Ole 2/22/1909-9/24/1985 PVT, US Army - World War II
Moy Thora 1875-1938  * Wife of Knute J. Moy and Mother of John, Olaf, Ole, and George Moy
Nelson Melvin H. 1920-1983  
Olson Arthur M. 11/28/1911-2/15/1921  
Olson Carl J. 2/19/1909-10/10/1916  
Olson Gustav M. 10/10/1879-9/15/1925  
Olson Laura M. 10/17/1892-7/3/1951 Mother
Olson Thomas O. 4/2/1896-4/6/1985 Father
Paulson Alvin E. 1/29/1904-11/11/1980  
Paulson Catherine B. 10/5/1913-1/11/1989  
Paulson Lars 1869-1954 Father
Paulson Sylvia 1884-1975 Mother
Reiter George 7/31/1993-6/4/1941  
Samson Anna S. 10/20/1871-3/3/1965 Mother
Samson Fred 10/28/1891-12/6/1972 PVT, BTRY A, 302 FLD ARTY - World War I
Samson Herbert O. 3/10/1894-10/25/1987 PVT US Army - World War I
Samson Joseph 1901-1976 Brother
Samson Ruby A. 10/9/1905-10/7/1991  
Schmunk Mary 1/21/1878-5/19/1921  
Stine Gene Arlen 8/21/1941-6/27/1990 TSGT US Air Force - Viet Nam
Stine Jean A. 6/30/1942-8/9/1990  
Swanson Vernon  1918-1959  
Teigen Anton K. 4/25/1861-12/17/1952  
Teigen Bertha O. 5/30/1840-6/5/1933  
Teigen Carl 1/5/1888-4/22/1978 Son
Teigen Lena 1896-1981  
Teigen Martha 9/4/1868-8/2/1936  
Teigen Sivert K. 4/3/1868-1/29/1951  
Thronson Hulda A. 1900-1967 Wife 
Thronson Oscar I. 1902-1980 Husband 
Tinnesand Halvor J. 1871-1935 Father
Torkelson Bennie 1908-1993  
Torkelson Leslie 1953-1966  
Torkelson Lily 1912-1985 * Lily Torkelson was born Lily Agnes Anderson, and she was the daughter of Alfred John Anderson and Esther Clara Rodman. Contact Bev Anderson for more information
Torkelson Paul  1936-1948  
Torstenson Ada I. 10/8/1902-12/12/1998 Sister
Torstenson Ralph D. 1/15/1895-1/26/1975 PVT, US Army, Brother
VanTassel Frank 8/3/1886-11/24/1968  
VanTassel Maggie 7/24/1896-3/22/1980  
Weberg Arthur 1905-1986  
Weberg Donald L. 9/28/1928-12/8/1995 PVT, US Army - Korea
Weberg Emma 1905-1995  
Weberg Irvin A. 1/9/1926-1/18/1998 PVT, US Marine Corps - World War II
Wiberg Elnora (Strom) 9/28/1931- living  
Wiberg Gust S. 1889-1976  
Wiberg James Orvin 8/17/1918-4/1/1991  
Wiberg Thora 1888-1969  


For more information on the people buried at Sand Valley Lutheran Cemetery, please contact Joy Paulson, submitter of this info.

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