Polk County Minnesota Map


Polk County, Minnesota

1990 Population 32,498 /// Latitude 47.77462 N /// Longitude 96.39956 W

Western Boundary: Red River of the North / Grand Forks Co., ND / Grand Forks, ND
Northern Boundary: (NW) Marshall Co., MN / Warren, MN // ( NE) Red Lake Co., MN
Red Lake Falls, MN // Pennington Co., MN / Thief River Falls, MN
Eastern Boundary: Clearwater Co., MN / Bagley, MN
Southern Boundary: (SE) Mahnomen Co., MN / Mahnomen, MN
(SW) Norman Co., MN / Ada, MN

County Seat: City of Crookston


Euclid Plat Map 1905

Click on link to see Plat Map of Euclid, MN 1905


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