Grand Marais or Bethany South EGF

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Grand Marais Norwegian Lutheran Church /Bethany Cemetery South

by East Grand Forks, MN  - Esther Township

It is 7 miles north of US 2 on MN 220

Bethany was formed in 1964 when Grand Marais & Bethesda Lutheran Churches merged. Grand Marais was originally known as Norwegian Lutheran. ELCA page says congregation was founded in 1886, but not sure which one.
Church built: 1964
Heritage: Norwegian (Grand Marais)/Swedish (Bethesda)
Closed: Still active. (ELCA)


T.F. Morken East Grand Forks, MN
L. Larson East Grand Forks, MN
Mrs. Hans Jacobson East Grand Forks, MN
Rev. A.J. Hulteng Grand Forks, ND


Inscription on Bell

"Grand Marais Norwegian Lutheran Church
Polk Co., MN
A.D. 1905"

photo of recent church supplied by Steph Feb 2007 (also see her Rural Church Database Website)


Listing and pictures below supplied by Joy Paulson, May 2006

Last Name First Name Dates by M/D/Y Other Comments
Bolstad Baby  7/4/1890-12/14/1890  
Bolstad Baby Girl 11/11/52  
Bolstad Dale J. 7/2/1940-9/1/1985 US Army
Bolstad Joseph I. 4/1/1910-10/3/1979  
Bolstad Mathelda 3/27/1892-3/7/1907  
Bolstad Norval J. 1887-1943 Father
Bolstad Tilda E. 1887-1973 Mother
Flatten Annie 1898-1970  
Flatten Henry 1893-1972  
Haugen Anna 1841-1941  
Haugen Martin O. 1849-1929  
Jacobson Baby Fred 1926  
Jacobson Fred A. 1895-1978  
Jacobson Hans 7/26/1855-5/6/1907  
Jacobson Harold 1900-1963  
Jacobson Hilmer Oliver 1890-1897  
Jacobson Jacob 8/10/1812-1/15/1887  
Jacobson Maria 9/26/1855-1/9/1923  
Jacobson Martha M. 1895-1970  
Jacobson Mathilda 11/17/1894-6/28/1975  
Jacobson Selma Marie 10/25/1884-3/30/1934  
Jacobson Victor E. 6/13/1892-9/15/1960  
Sheie Ole 1864-1924  




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