Hinckley Enterprise Local Correspondence, Aug. 20, 1898

NOTES ABOUT THIS TRANSCRIPTION: This is a transcription of the Pine City Correspondence section and the Hinckley Local section of the Hinckley Enterprise published on Saturday, August 20, 1898. Any spelling or grammar errors were not corrected.

Pine City

Joe Franta, the harness man, has purchased property of Mr. Radley, adjoining the Bank and will in the near future erect a fine building thereon.
William A. Gray took his son Charley to the hospital at St. Paul last week, for the purpose of having his eyes treated, a cataract having appeared on both.
A.F. Brackett, accompanied by Robt. Hoffman and Arthur Schultz has departed for Grand Forks, driving across the country with his team. They intend to put in a falls work at threshing.
The hot end of the "Poker" has a crew of men at work reshingling the present quarters of the Poker, which is said to be in the interest of the school district, as the glowing end of the Poker chances to be a member of the school board and a part of the building is used for school purposed.
The citizens of this village as well as those of each and every school district near Snaker river and Pokegama lake have held meetings and adopted resolutions unanimously in nearly every instance condemning the rebuilding of the Chengwatana dam. What will come of the move it is hard to say but the public feeling is strong against the rebuilding of the fam under any circumstances.
And now the whole Poker "push" is to take and outing - even the red hot end - Col. Stone, will go along. This is the first time, in an acquaintance of nearly a score of years, that we have known the Col. to even contemplate a general airing, but we presume that the atmosphere of the editotial sanctum - especially when permeated with the gases arising from a red hot Poker, are such that an occasional revivication is necessary. At any rate the Colonel and Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell will breath the fresh air of Pokegama lake for three or four days.
Will Sheridan, one of our old time citizens, but now one of the "boys in blue" from Chattanooga, Ga, is visiting friends and relatives in Pine City. Mr. Sheridan, it will be remembered, has been living in the state of Arkansas having removed there three years ago, but some time ago enlisted with the regulars from that state, going south as a Lieutenant. Mrs. Sheridan soon after her husband's enlisted came to Pine City where she has been staying with her sister Mrs. A.J. Morrisset. Lieut. Sheridan has a thirty day furlough at the expiration of which he will return to his company in the sunny south.


Saturday next is Market Day.
Otto Hulks has a wheel and utililizes every spare moment in testing its speed.
We learn that J.O. Coffin is now cashier for the G.N. Express Co., at Grand Forks.
Chas. Pauling and W.Z. Adams departed Saturday for the wheat fields of North Dakota.
I. Conklin and family together with care of household goods, arrived from Zumbrota on Saturday.
A large number were down on Kettle River Sunday fishing, with varied success. The boating is fine.
Miss Josie Peterson, of Shafer, Minn., visited her cousin Miss Annie Holm several days this week.
W.F.D. Long was up from Mora Saturday last in the interests of the road machines he is agent for.
Mrs. Newton has recovered her health so much as to be moved back to her home, the first of the week.
Wm. Porter of Minneapolis visited his uncle, Henry Coffin, this week, and of course had to try the fishing on Kettle river.
Mrs. Peterson accompanied her husband, Rev. G. Peterson, in his pastoral work here Saturday, returning to Rush City Sunday afternoon.
The Swedish Lutheran Sunday school will have a basket picnic at Grant's hill on Tuesday afternoon next. A pleasant time is anticipated.
Next Saturday is Market day. Come here with your produce, cows, chickens, geese, or anything else you wish to sell or exchange. If you wish to buy, come.
Mrs. Hough has rented the Sweet house and will move here from Barnum, her daughter, Miss Alma, having been reengaged to teach the intermediate department.
Mrs. Bisdorf and daughter, who have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Pauling for several weeks has returned to her home at Waterloo, Iowa.
Frank Hobbs of Taylors Falls, visited his sister, Mrs. C. W. Folsom and family this week, and also visited his brother Arthur Hobbs, at Rush City on his way home.
Chas. Griffin and W.J. Gottry, of Pine City, expect to leave for the Omaha exposition tomorrow, starting to gather from St. Paul. They will be gone until the 1st of September.
County Auditor Greeley was at Hinckley and Sandstone the latter part of last week posting school notices. Mrs. Greeley accompanied him and renewed many acquintences.
The picnic at Grant's hill last Saturday was well attended, and there was plenty to eat for all. W.H. Nowark and ye editor arrived there in time to sample the ice cream and cake.
John and Mike Brennan left Monday for Holyoke, Wis., where John has been placed in charge of a section. The rest of the family, with the exception of Mr. and Mrs. Underwood, will move there next week.
O.E. Oslund, of Mission Creek, has purchased the stock of goods at Miller, from B. DeBuyser, trading in a lot of horned stock, and mr. Buyser will devote his time to improving his quarter section near there.
All person interested in arranging for the proper observance of Memorial Day, Sept. 1st, are requested to meet at 8 o'clock Monday evening, August 22nd in the Village hall. M.S. Collins, Sec'y.
Miss Mae Gorman and Miss Esther Hawley spent the greater part of the week at Rush City, going down last Saturday. On their return, they wheeled to Pine City and visited there a few hours. They report a splendid time.
Last Wednesday evening was the occasion of a very pleasant party at Odd Fellows hall in honor of John T. Clark who departed Thursday for Minto, North Dakota, where he will put in the fall. Cards and games were the order and a nice lunch rounded out an evening of enjoyment.
Market day, Saturday, August 27.
E. J. Giffin and J.R. Mullins went to Taylors Falls, Monday, for a flock of 10 sheep each, which they will drive up. Mr. Gillin has given the sheep business a trial, and is satisfied that this is the proper country for them. With the ten he gets this week he will have a flock of twenty four on his place.
Lytle & Raeburn have now 475 head of horned stock at their ranch at Miller, and expect 75 more this week. They expect to build a barn 28x250, for the winter, and are putting up 500 tons of hay. Thus we see although logging is a thing of the past, there are other industries that will beat that to death.
County Supt. R. H. Blankenship is holding teachers examination here yesterday and to-day. There are 8 taking the examinations, being Misses Mable Parish, Emma Gunn, Gertrude McCormic, Mary Fredrickson and Maggie Regan, of Sandstone, Miss Gorman and Julia Brady, of Hinckley and Althea Hoagland of Brook Park.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church will give a dime supper, ice cream social and a jolly good time at the home of Mrs. A.D. Leonard on Thursday Aug. 25. This will be a veritable country frolic and a good time is assured. Teams will be in attendance to accommodate those who wish to go, between 4:30 and 5:30 P.M. Everybody come.
G.A. Carlson, the enterprising Dry Goods dealer, is engaged in making improvements that will add greatly to his already finely equipped store. He is having a stairway cut through into the large room above his place of business and will utilize it as a department for cloaks, carpets, etc. He expects to have it ready for business by Sept. 1st. - Rush City Post.
The E. Mark Live Stock Co. the noted horse dealers, will hold an auction sale of 50 young western draft and driving horses, at the Arlington hotel barn at Milaca, Minn., on Saturday August 27th 1898. The sale will positively occur. The E. Mark Live Stock Co., have an enviable reputation for square dealing, and every one wishing to get a horse at a reasonable price would do well to go down at that time.
The excursion from Taylors Falls to Duluth over the St. P. and D. R. R., Sunday was well patronized, especially by the villages in Chisago county. Owing to the fact that many Hinckley people had availed themselves of excursion rates offered by both the Eastern and the St. P. & D., there were not so many from here. Credit is due Conductor Hickey, baggageman Sausen and brakemen Taylor and Rasey for the careful and gentlemanly way in which the crowd was handled.
A number of men and teams have been engaged by J.T. Clark to work in a threshing outfit near Minto, North Dakota. Those going from here with teams were Barney Haggin, C.A. Johnson, D. McIver and W.R. Currie, they going by stock car on Wednesday. The balance, Geo. Moon, Dennis Dunn, Wm. Parsons and J.T. Clark left on the limited over the E.M.R.R. Thursday. A car of horses was loaded at Sandstone for the same outfit. Wages are high and the boys ought to do well.
R.C. Saunders is having the finishing touches put on extensive improvements to his property purchased of Frank Wiris on the west side. He has built and addition 14x32 two stories high. This gives him four fine rooms on the lower floor, parlor 13x15, dining room 14x14 and kitchen 14x18, also a commodious bed room and storeroom. On the upper floor are four fine bedrooms. John Kokama is painting and papering, and when through it will be a beautiful and convenient home. Mr. Saunders will move into it as soon as finished.
While working on the grading train, Ben Davis was badly hurt at Pine City, Wednesday. He was sitting on a car brake when the train had stopped on the bridge. It started up with a jerk, throwing him off, when he fell down over the bridge, onto a pile of logs, some 24 feet. He was picked up and brought to Hinckley, where he is at S.G. Hollman's. It was a wonder that David was not killed, but an examination showed that he sustained no serious injuries except a broken collar bone, a couple of injured ribs, a bad scalp wound, and numerous bruises.
O.B. Tabort and Wilber Folsom wheeled down from Sandstone Sunday morning to meet the excursion from Taylors Falls, coming down in an hour and ten minutes. They met many acqaintences on the excursion and the temptation was so strong that Wilber accompanied them to Duluth leaving O.B. to wheel back alone.
A petition has been circulated requesting the school board to engage Miss Bertha Hoaglund for the coming year. - Fred Seymore dropped in upon Moraites for a visit. - Mrs. Jane A. Kelsey closed her eyes on earthly scenes Friday A.M. August 5th. - I.H. Williams, M. G. Scofield and Herbert Wiliams have gone west. - Cards have been received inviting guests to the wedding of Miss Mabel Kelsey, now of Minneapolis. Cleye H. Owen is the bridegroom elect. The ceremony will take place Sept. 1st at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Kelsey. - Brook Park correspondence in Mora Times.
Mrs. R. C. Saunders and children returned Monday from Pine City where they have spent the past month.

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