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Collections & Resources

             Step back in time into the rich history of early Hubbard County



Main Floor:


*   Ira Benham Resource Center

     Inside the Clerk of Courts office is the Ira Benham Resource Center.  You can sit a spell at the 

     old oak table and research the archive records that are found in this room. In addition to the  

     collections and archives, photos, and several other resources, the museum  has an extensive  

     library of genealogy, military and Minnesota history available for research in the Ira Benham

     Resource Center.


*   The Heritage Room takes you back into an early parlor of wealthy citizens of Hubbard County.


*   The Logging/Farming Room will give you a glimpse what it was like to be a logger or a farmer in

     the early 1900's.


*   The Trout Lake Schoolroom is complete with thirteen desks for students from grades one

      through eight.


*   The Settlers Cabin is a typical one room setting of what a first home looked like for early



*   The Toggery contains vintage clothing and hats worn by the early residents of Hubbard County.


*   The Military Room will take you back to the Civil War, World War I, World War II, The

     Korean War and Vietnam.





*   Inside the Communications Room you can see Vintage Typewriters, Telegraph, Telephones and

     a Switchboard.


*   The Medical Room has displays by early Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians.


*   The Business and Resort Room highlights businesses in Hubbard County.


*   The High School Memory Room is filled with old photos and High School Annuals of years gone

     by. The Panther memorabilia will take you back to your high school days.