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This is a page of SURNAMES from the Unknown Counties Query Pages located on this site. If the SURNAME is highlighted, a query has been made and it will take you to the page  where the query is posted. This list contains SURNAMES from Queries that are on this site only. Just find the Surnames link and check it out. Good Luck. Any problems email:  Karen.

Click here for another query site for Unknown County Queries. (These Queries are not on this site and are not linked to the Surname Pages)

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SURNAMES Submitter
GARESCH Micheal Ann Jares
GEISENHOFF Judy Howington
GEISENHOFF Judy Howington
GESS Diane Kozovich
GIBBONS Paula R. Harrison
GILBERT Marcia Sullivan
GJERTSEN Judith Cassem
GLEASON Karen McLeod
GLYNN Denise Scroggins
GODBOUT Deanna Sitter
GREENFIELD Meredith Anderson-Taylor
GREENWOOD jane harris
GREGOIRE Sherrie Messerschmidt
GROSS Frances Gillis Gossett
GROVER Bob Wertman
GRUSLIN Anne Benson
GUINUP Ray Guinup
GULL Bruce McNamara
GUSTAD Odd Åkvik
GUSTIN Lucy Fields

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